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Guy uses crayfish to show how stray cats hunt and it is cruel

Well, I am going to attract disagreement on this one. The video on TikTok is rather strangely described as showing how stray cats survive outside. It does not. It just show us these things: The person doing this is being cruel in placing two live crayfish or large prawns on a motorised buggy to take the animals to the cats to feed on. Do crayfish feel discomfort? Or pain? Do they have emotions? I don't know but it is likely as scientists have confirmed that fish feel pain . The crayfish also died of suffocation because they breathe through gills like fish. So, this person has committed these animals to death in one of two or both ways. Both are cruel and there was no need for it. The cats are naturally cautious about eating the live crayfish as they are jumping about (in discomfort?!!). Cats are naturally cautious when faced with a strange live or dead object. They prod and poke it to check it out and preferably kill it by batting it about the body and head as it is much safer tha

'Shawshank Redemption Principle' governs full-time indoor cats

This article is about the failure of trying to get an obese full-time indoor cat outside for exercise. It was probably the first attempt. Things will improve with patience if that is what the caregiver wants. This is an instructive video on a couple or more areas of domestic cat caregiving. The cat is Roxie. She is a tortoiseshell-and-white. She was a nice svelte charmer when she was adopted but ended up a tubalub in quite a short time.  She became addicted to 'therapy eating' to alleviate her boredom. She also enjoyed watching feline television aka looking out the window at the birds and the bees.  But that was the totality of her mental stimulation. Not enough. So, her loving caregiver throught that he'd take her out to his gorgeous back garden. So impressive. So big with a gardener on a motorised, sit-on lawnmower. The Shawshank Principle governing indoor cats It was all but impossible to get her into a harness for the lead. He managed with only one scratch. But she wou

Video of the theft of an indoor/outdoor cat on stairs of condominium

In the United States, the first thing that the cat owning public fear is their cat being attacked by a predator outside the home and that predator is often the resilient coyote . The second thing they mught fear is shown in the video below. It is the theft of their cat for nefarious purposes. It is not a great video as half of it appears to be about selling security cameras but the theft of the cat sitting on what appears to be the stairs of a condominium in New York City is the kind of thing that cat owners anywhere fear.  The owner may believe that their cat has become lost or has been killed and cannot be found. They would often have no idea that their cat has been deliberately stolen. The security camera tells them what happened if they are lucky but it is almost worse because of the fate that will them befall the cat in the hands of criminals. I am sure that some thieves see indoor/outdoor domestic cats as livestock to be 'harvested'. They are on the streets of suburbia to

Millions of cat owning Americans fear what we see in this video

A domestic cat fights off a coyote on the veranda of his home. The video is hard to watch and those who've watched it agree. The commenters have presumed that the cat escaped. We know that it is a male cat as ginger tabbies are almost always males. We can see that he puts up a great fight. The coyote grabs the cat as he tries hard to escape by climbing the railings. The coyote grabs his back in his jaws which is hard to watch. RELATED:  How to haze coyotes which is necessary in Florida where they are booming . The video is unpleasant which may upset advertisers so I have decided to place it on a page where there are no adverts. Please click here to see the 8 second video if you wish . It is not that bad and the cat is not killed in the video. Coyote catches cat but the cat fights back and I believe that he escapes. Screenshot. That bite must have injured the cat with puncture wounds but he then fights back using his sharp claws to box the coyote around the muzzle. That must have in

One-year-old racehorse foals slaughtered in Irish meat factories for human consumption

Racehorse foals slaughtered in Irish meat factories for human consumption. The kind of foal bred and slaughtered for human consumption. Image: Getty. Because too many racehorses are bred due to a lack of regulation in Ireland and the UK, The Sun newspaper reports that more than 3,000 racehorses many of them young foals were slaughtered for human consumption. Here are some statistics about this obnoxious practice: Since 2020 more than 3,000 racehorses have been killed in Irish meat factories according to the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. 151 of the horses were just one-year-olds. 288 were under three years of age. The average life expectancy of a racehorses is between 25-30 years. Only 7% (210) of racehorses slaughtered were aged over 20 years. More than 50% (1534) were under the age of six when there was slaughtered. Almost one third (839) were younger than four years of age. These numbers relate to thoroughbred horses with passports issued by the horseracing conglome

Aussie influencer loses her influence after confessing that she killed two cats as a child

NEWS AND VIEWS: I don't know about you, but I am sick to death of hearing about Instagram influencers. I think they are a bad development. Why should these people influence others? What gives them the right to think they can influence others? But they do because their young followers are gullible. In this story, an Australian influencer living in Sydney is facing a backlash. She disclosed during a jokey podcast that she had killed two cats when she was a child. She was nine years of age when she killed the first cat accidentally, she says. Her name is Emma Claiir. You wonder whether the surname is made up as a lot of what they do is made up. She made the confession in her podcast called Simply Chaotic. I agree: it seems to have been chaotic. She was asked to disclose a secret and she told her co-host: "I killed my cat." She then chuckled as if it was amusing and continued: "I didn't mean to. I was young. I was a child. I was swinging my cat around. Like I was thi

Woman kidnaps and arranges the castration of another person's domestic cat

NEWS AND COMMENT: This strange event took place in Bulgaria. It appears to concern the behaviour of a local woman who became frustrated about cat owners in the area being irresponsible and not spaying and neutering their domestic cat companions.  Kidnapping the cat. Image: Dobromira Stoilova. And therefore, it appears to me, that she took direct action but in doing so she broke the law although I do not think that she will be prosecuted. The woman concerned posed as a municipal employee. She kidnapped the cat in the Vetren neighbourhood of Burgas in Bulgaria. She arranged for the cat to be castrated. This must have been a male cat but see note at base of article. The cat belonged to Dobromira Stoilova who has security cameras. The "municipal employee" can be seen and heard enticing and luring the cat towards her. Despite the intervention of neighbours, she captured the cat and put the carrier into the trunk of her car. The cat was castrated and returned about four days later.

The cat who wears sunglasses for a good reason

The video explains the reason. Is it the correct one!? Bagel is an extremely laid-back cat. You wonder why. I think it is because she was raised from a young kitten by the woman narrates the video. Well, that may be part of the reason. But she accepts the sunglasses without complaint it seems.  Bagel. Screenshot. And the reason she wears them is to keep dust out of her eyes because she has no eyelids. This means she does not blink and blinking removes dust and grim from the eye's cornea. The don't have to be sunglasses. Some sort of goggles might have been more effective but not as attractive. I sense that Bagel's owner has used her cat's eye condition to turn her cat and herself into a celebrity. Cynical? The motivation is usually a desire by the cat's owner for celebrity. There is a lot of it about. A deep yearning for celebrity status thanks to social media. It was not always like this believe me.   Cat eyelid agenesis Cat eyelid agenesis, also known as feline e

Family Man Sylvester Stallone grooms his Scottish Fold dilute calico cat

Sylvester Stallone is about to star in a Paramount streaming series about his family life. And low and behold we see him grooming his Scottish Fold dilute calico cat with a brush or comb. He is seen tidying up his cat's tail.  The cat meows half in complaint but I sense he is gentle even though he is a bit of a hulk. He has a dog too who he feeds at the dinner table on his food and surrounded by a bevy of glamorous women, one of whom I presume is his wife. He likes his ladies. A lot. And they love him. The bit where he grooms his cat appears at 0.18 seconds in. He's a bit vain (a lot of vanity?) as he is irremediably attracted to cameras. He likes to be videoed and photographed which points to a belief that he is attractive to the girls and has the associated confidence to exploit it. I like Stallone. I like the films - or at least some of them - that he has made or starred in.  Now for the disclaimer. I have said that he has a dilute calico Scottish Fold. His cat is definitely

Her: 'I'm into bestiality'

Me: I'm into bestiality. Screenshot. Here is the TikTok video. It is clickbait. I thought I'd show you what clickbait looks like. It comes in many forms with one objective: to get internet surfers idly wandering around the internet to click on a link or video. The video or article never delivers. The objective is not to deliver. It is to entice people to click on the link to increase visits to their video or website. In this instance they videoed a pretty, innocent-looking woman and juxtaposed her face with ugly words on criminality. There is a clash between the words and the image. That gets the juices flowing in some people. Note: bestiality has been legalised in Spain recently ! Hard to believe but it is true. The video:

Stray cat was beaten for 'stealing' chicken. They were badly mistaken.

The local residents thought she was cat burglar but they were badly mistaken. The local residents thought she was cat burglar but they were badly mistaken. Screenshot. The video tells the entire story clearly and concisely. No need to add words except to say that it is a good story of a mother's unfailing love and commitment in feeding her kittens and initially human ignorance followed by sensitive cat rescue and care. @xzhhamaonea The Mother’s love of a Cat! After watching it, I can’t help to cry. #CatsOfTikTok #CatLovers #CatsLife #love #FunFactsAboutCats #movie ♬ Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show This video has a shelf life. I hope you see it before it is gone.

The Scotsman and Pets Radar are spreading misinformation about domestic cats

There are two websites that I know of and they are probably more, many more, which are spreading misinformation about domestic cats. The Scotsman is particularly active in terms of spreading all manner of incorrect information. It's quite shocking actually how bad it is. They do this cynically to improve the number of hits their website receives. Pets Radar is lying. And this morning, the website Pets Radar has another one of those misleading headlines: "15 hypoallergenic cat breeds for allergy sufferers". No domestic cat whether purebred or non-purebred is hypoallergenic. There's one breed that breeders claim is hypoallergenic and that is the Siberian. But it isn't. There may be some partial benefits . Not even the Sphynx cat which is hairless is hypoallergenic because this cat deposits saliva on its skin and the allergen which provokes the allergic reaction in humans, Fel D1, is in the cat's saliva. And to say that 15 cat breeds are hypoallergenic is ridicul

PETA staffer spots cat in Turkey earthquake rubble and brings him home to Virginia, USA

  A brilliant story. The dedication is impressive. And the ending is just how it should be: his cat happy and playing in a safe home where he is loved. His is Alex and his rescue cat is Pisa according to the video. Pisa sat on his lap on the flight from Turkey to America! No way that he was going to stay in the cat carrier under the seat. And Alex managed to arrange to flight out of Turkey in double quick time and just before CDC in the United States banned the importation of cats from Turkey.  This was impressive work by Alex and PETA who funded this and other rescue work in Turkey as I understand it. As the video explains it better than I can, I'll stop there. Here is Alex and Pisa, a screenshot from the video (note that I can't guarantee that the video will work permanently. If it is broken, I'm sorry).

People who hate or are scared of cats live with one for a week and a flat-faced cat eating problem

This is a 'smile on your face' video. It's almost too good to be true but it looks genuine and if so great. The cats seem to have been well chosen as they settle in very quickly. But there is a more interesting story within the story. Please read on. Flat-face cat eating problems! There is one interesting little segment in the video which caught my eye. The flat-faced cat in the video which looks like a Persian had a problem when eating. And it's a problem which I hadn't really recognised before but this new cat owner immediately saw it. Because the Persian and Exotic Shorthair don't have a muzzle which protrudes out of their face in the usual way, they have to put their entire face into the food bowl which means the face as a whole is making contact with the food if the food is flat to the bowl which it normally is. The woman who is taking care of the cat remarks that she will have to clean his face. She's right, she will. Because it is covered in gravy! He

8-week-old male kitten carries an unrelated newborn kitten like a mother in his mouth (video)

This looks amazing. An 8-week-old male kitten called Finn carries an unrelated newborn kitten in his mouth just like mother and carries the kitten to a softer more pleasant area. Who said male cats don't get involved in raising young? And the kitten is unrelated as mentioned. So young and male to be behaving like an adult mother seems very strange but loving to me. Although it is interesting to see that he gets the method slightly wrong. He has his teeth in the side of the neck of the newborn when he should be carrying the kitten by the scruff of the neck. That's just about a lack of experience, I guess. I wonder what Finn will be like when he grows up. He must have observed his mom who is also in the video and acts as a surrogate to rescued kittens. The video maker, who I guess is in cat rescue, says that the adult female is a very motherly mother. She's a good foster mom.  Not sure where the video was made but it looks like either the Middle East or Asia maybe Pakistan. D

The worst part of owning a cat is when they die

The words of the title are by Chris L on social media. She is correct. It is agony. Cats can die slowly through, for example, the commonplace kidney disease.  RELATED:  Why is chronic kidney disease (CKD) so common in domestic cats ? Under these circumstances the owner has at least 2 problems (a) seeing the gradual deterioration of their cat's health with one inevitable endgame and (b) grappling with the agonising decision on when to euthanise. The latter point is important as it must be done in the interests of the cat which is hard because almost always the owner does not want to let go and perhaps involuntarily takes their cat to the vet for the final time too late.  This can lead to their cat suffering more than should have been the case. The problem of dealing with a dying domestic cat companion is why many people do not adopt elderly shelter cats. Many are euthanized at the shelter as a consequence.  But this is wrong. They deserve a chance. They deserve the opportunity to li

Asexual woman identifies as a kitten more or less 24/7 and lives with a respectful man

The video explains it all. I think it is a cute and warm relationship. Everyone has their own way of living and if it harms no one leave them alone and respect them.  She gets criticised which she finds unnecessary and hurtful but puts up with it. He is a very tolerant and loving bloke who fully accepts Abigail's desire to act as a kitten. He feeds her as if she is a kitten.  Her cat ears give her confidence as does Adam's respectful approach to her unusual behaviour. She sits in a cat bed in the kitchen while he prepares some food. Respect is the keyword. He says that he likes sex which is the exact opposite to her. 'Asexual' means: not involving sexual activity, feelings, or associations; non-sexual. She finds Adam attractive. Adam finds her very attractive. He thinks she is gorgeous. RELATED POST:  Why are some Australian schoolgirls identifying as cats ? It is a good relationship. The acid test is whether it has legs. Will be become tired of the role play after a co