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Controversial Cat Swimming Video

This is an interesting video not because of the video's contents but because of people's reactions and arguments in the comments. You can see the comments here but please read this first! Here is the video: The problem I have with it is that it appears that the women are being careless and a bit silly in putting the cat in the swimming pool and it looks like the cat has been forced to swim just to amuse the ladies and to make a video hit (it has received 2.8m hits). It always astonishes me how fairly average videos can get so many hits. So, is the video good or bad? Neither. Cats are natural swimmers. Some wildcats spend a lot of time in the water because that is where - in and around the water - the food is (see water cats ) So, a cat placed in a swimming pool will naturally swim to shore. I don't think there is much chance of a cat drowning unless he or she can't get out and there was no chance of that happening. But the domestic cat won't enjoy it. I

Exploitative Kitten Video

I am sure people will think that I am being far too serious. I don't think I am being too serious but the average YouTube video viewer will think that I am! Here is a video of kittens sliding down a children's slide. This is not part of kitten play in this instance. It occurred accidentally, it seems to me. It probably caused a bit of stress in the kittens and mother collected them - very cute. But even though, in typical YouTube style, the video has collected over 3 million hits, it is essentially exploitative because people are provided with amusement at the expense of scared kittens. That's just me. Most people will think I'm quite mad.

Pancake is Making Biscuits!

This is Pancake, a very cute Exotic Shorthair cat. He is making biscuits or more accurately kneading a cushion. He thinks the cushion is his mother's nipple. The kneading helps create milk flow . Pancake is an orange tabby and white cat . The Exotic Shorthair is a short haired flat faced (contemporary) Persian cat . It is a very cute video. But on a more serious note, the flat face carries health issues .

World's Most Efficient Kitteh Video

This is probably the most efficient YouTube video on the internet. What I mean is the duration of the video at 17 seconds in relation to the number of visits at over 54 million at the date of this post! Wow. Maybe we should do a survey. I would expect this video to win. To get over one million hits is very rare but 54 million is astonishing. In fact to get 5,000 views is very good. Most videos receive views in the hundreds. I wonder what is going on? The kitten mimics the hand of the person. This in fact is not uncommon and probably common sense. Kittens learn from their mothers and close family members. They learn by watching and copying. Obviously this mainly concerns hunting skills. In this case the kitten is just plain copying despite no benefit. And the mother is a human. We keep out domestic cats in perpetual kittenhood by feeding and caring for them. This is why cats knead us . Great video. It shows how it is possible to create a mega hit video from simple material and t

Serval Kittens

Can I take the liberty of showing you the birth of three serval cubs? This is a video that I have had on my YouTube channel for while and thought that it would be appropriate to show it here. At least I know the video will play! Sometimes they get pulled off YouTube for various reasons, usually because of breach of copyright, and that leaves a blank screen. It is rare to see the birth of wildcats. The video material comes from A1 Savannahs Farm in OK, USA. It was made by Kathrin Stucki . They breed Savannah cats. It is probably the best breeding cattery anywhere. A fantastic facility. The serval has the longest legs to body size ratio of any cat including the cheetah. This popular wildcat also has long, tall ears. The serval depends of acute hearing to detect prey in long grass. It will pounce on small prey based on sound and stun the prey. In the video you will see Dea, the mother, eat the placenta. This is because it is an efficient use of available nutrients even if they ar