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Sessions of love between cat and human

Sessions of love. Screenshot. This is a beautiful little video of sessions of love between domestic cat and human. You know how it is: the loving starts spontaneously. Hell, I'd say that it is the cat who normally starts them. But the human has got to be sensitive to their cat's body language and behavior and they have to create that loving feeling in the home. It's the background love and emotional warmth that leads to the love sessions that we see in the video. A lot of human care and attention goes into getting to this state of affairs but it is not hard work. It just comes naturally to the person who genuinely loves their cat companion. So, do the loving sessions last longer if the cat starts them or the human? What do you think? I think that you'll find that it depends which of them is most likely to stop the session first. My guess is that normally humans stop before cats because cats can go on for ever. Well almost (by settling down on your lap for instance). And

Ginger tabby learned how to use the water cooler

Sometimes videos stop working and if that has happened I am sorry. Don't be surprised by this cat's behavior. They learn by observing humans and copy them. They ain't stupid and they like fresh, running water.

The intense curiosity of the domestic cat is switched on by fast movements

The domestic cat can be intensely curious. They are inherently and instinctively motivated to respond to quick movements and sounds which might correspond to the sounds of a prey animal. Domestic cats can locate the source of sound very accurately .  The intensely curious domestic cat stimulated by fast movements. Screenshot. They will pick up a quick moving object in their peripheral vision and investigate to find out if it is a prey animal. This cat is responding in this way to what sounds like a liquid being poured into a container. It doesn't matter what's happening off the screen.  What matters is how the cat is reacting which is with great intensity and curiosity. The pupils of the eyes are wide open. This is because it's inside the home and there is not a lot of light. Also they may be wide open partly because this cat wants to see as clearly as possible.   The domestic cat's instinctive reaction to fast moving objects can interfere with how people interact w

Mouse promenades down car wiper blades while car is on motorway

  This is not exactly about a cat or a kitten but is not that far from it because cats chase mice but there's no cat chasing this one because it's on the wiper blades of a car while the car is travelling down the road. The mouse emerged from the engine compartment where he had been warming himself during the cold weather. As the car moved off he was disturbed. The driver, Sally Hall, 55, was obviously very surprised to see him as was her daughter. You can hear them both discussing it as their drive along. Sally was towing a horse box van at the time, apparently, on the M25 or perhaps approaching the motorway because she is travelling quite slowly although we are told that she claims to be travelling at 55 mph. It doesn't matter much because it's unique to see a mouse clamber out of the engine and then promenade along the wiper blades. The Times newspaper tells us the mouse was rescued but the caption under the video does not provide us with such optimistic reporting

Do cats walk on foil or are they terrified of it?

  One of the well-known domestic cat deterrents designed to stop them jumping up onto countertops is to put tinfoil on the countertop. There is a well-known video on the Internet of a domestic cat jumping onto tinfoil and who bounces back off in complete horror . Absolutely no doubt that it acted as a deterrent for that individual cat.  Actually, it's was arguably cat abuse because the animal was so frightened. The fear comes about because the cat suddenly encounters something completely alien to it. The unknown is frightening to a cat. That's why cucumbers placed behind the cat causes the animal to jump in fear . They suddenly encounter something odd and strange and want to get out of the way. The video on this page is totally self explanatory. Although the cat walked on the tinfoil gingerly, with some uncertainty, there's no doubt that the foil was not a deterrent. I think this is partly because this cat had time to check out the foil by smelling and looking at it, all

How to wind up and calm down a kitten!

  The video is called "How to calm down a kitteh!". I think it should be called, "How to wind up and calm down a kitten"! The owner drives this sweet little black kitten to distraction with his play. It's quite easy to get a kitten wound up like this when playing because they love to play. As you can see the kitten bites and scratches the man's hand. The experts say that you should not use your hands as a cat play toy. It's a bad habit because the kitten or adult cat get used to that piece of your anatomy as a toy and it can be hard to remove the habit. But this is not a major criticism; just an observation. And then the man says that it's time to stop because his hand and forearm is mangled! And so he pushes his thumb against the kitten's forehead. This is just gentle stroking which helps to calm his kitten down and in any case the kitten is probably exhausted judging by the amount of vigourous play that he has been involved in. Click on this li

Tabby kitten with the cutest voice rescued from Los Angeles' streets

  A kitten who has been named Cindy Lou Who was rescued from Los Angeles' streets and found her way to a foster carer of cats, Aly. Aly says that Cindy Lou was shaking and hissing whenever people got too close. But she was meowing in hunger as well. She was torn between two things; getting food while being fearful of the people who wanted to give her food. So as you can see Aly put some enticing food on a spatula and gingerly handed it out to Cindy who licks it off. It's the beginning of socialisation I think. She began to emerge from her hiding place. Aly did her best to reassure Cindy Lou and, "The moment she realised I was here just to give her food and water, she immediately started purring". She became much more friendly and lost some of her shyness. It all happened in 24 hours. Quickly thereafter Cindy Lou climbed out of her bed and crawled up her foster parent's lap. She then fell asleep.  She's fallen on her feet in a beautifully warm and friendly

Game of Thrones dire wolves were real but died out 13,000 years ago

  The famous dire wolves in the hugely successful box set series, Game of Thrones , look incredibly impressive and quite frightening. They were fearsome super-sized wolves and the scientists have decided that they truly existed over 13,000 years ago. At the time they would have been one of the most feared carnivores in the Americas (North and South America). For a long time the scientist believed that they were very similar both physically and genetically to present-day wolves. They even thought that they might have been the same species. But a recent paper published in the journal Nature states that the two were so genetically distinct that they were even unable to mate to produce offspring. You might know that current wolves can breed with domestic dogs. That's why there is quite a popular domestic dog breed which is a hybrid of the wolf and domestic dog; the wolfdog . The researchers have decided that dire wolves belong to an entirely different genus (a taxonomic classificat

Two bison rangers required in the UK to care for a herd of 4 bison

This is "the job of a lifetime" (Mark Habben, head of living coolections at the Wildwood Trust). This is a very interesting job for a couple of people who don't have to have a lot of experience with bison but they do need to have a knowledge and passion about ecology, conservation and the environment together with the ability to transmit their knowledge to people who will arrive in the spring of 2022 at a 500-acre fenced enclosure for the UK's first bisons. The bison will live, hopefully, contentedly in a custom-built enclosure at Blean Woods near Canterbury. This is a project by Kent Wildlife Trust and the Wildwood Trust as part of their Wilder Blean Project. We are told that bison are a peaceful animal and they are good for the landscape and wildlife. They fell trees by rubbing against them and eat the bark. They create light in woodlands and provide deadwood for plants and animals. Bisons also dust bathe which is helpful to provide a habitat for insects and liza

Street cats in Japan- brilliant photography from toruumeda

torrumeDirect link is here (0:57)340 275400 320hd 400 324Human says: "Theo the cat is a trained hair stylist specializing in the male up-do."Longish video with slow story development, Sit back and enjoy.Title translated via Babelfish p.s. Michael of Pictures of Cats has a great informational video about ragdoll cats here , and more details are here .

Unwanted high filial Savannah cats

  This video highlights a hidden problem with this wonderful cat breed. This is the Savannah cat which is often bred to a high filial level. By this I mean that often they are F1 or F2 Savannah cats. In the case of the F1, the father of the cat is a serval, a medium-sized wild cat species. The mother will be a domestic cat probably a tabby cat or another Savannah cat. It is these very classy and impressive and indeed large domestic cats which can sometimes be unwanted, remarkable though that might sound because they are expensive. You can pay $20,000 for one of these cats. In the video you see a cat whose name is Loki. A beautiful cat but whose home now will be at Big Cat Rescue. This is because the owners divorced and I guess neither of them wanted to keep this cat. Perhaps they found out that it is not easy to look after a top-quality first filial or second filial wild cat hybrid. There's lots of wild cat in them. For a lot of people there is too much wild cat in these hybrids

Direct Line Pet Insurance (video) - I recommend it.

  Yes, I'm going to push Direct Line pet insurance. I think that it is the first time I've done this. I like Direct Line as an insurance company. This is unusual for me because I dislike insurance companies generally.  My car is parked on my front drive in front of my house. About a year ago a woman totally unknown to me drove onto my front drive and hit my car. I think she was drunk and/or mad. She was visiting a neighbour and got the house number wrong. I remonstrated with her. I criticised her, obviously. The only good thing she did was to ring my doorbell to explain what she had done. So the damage to my car was entirely of someone else's doing. With difficulty I got the woman's insurance and personal details. She was insured with Direct Line insurance. I telephoned them to explain the situation. At that time I was not insured with Direct Line. Direct Line agreed to pay for the repair of my car. We did all this without any reference to my then insurance company. The

The ultimate pet insurance guide. Is pet insurance worth it?

  My personal preference for pet insurance is to run my own, little insurance policy by saving money. I like to be independent. I like to manage my own affairs and I don't want to rely on an insurance company. I've become distrustful. I think that problem applies to a lot of people. The world is becoming less trusting. That's not to say there aren't some good insurance companies. And also pet insurance can really benefit some people and some pets. But you have to realise that pet insurance is about risk as set against reward. Insurance spreads the risk. You might be a winner or a loser. What you will certainly be is a person who has peace of mind. And if peace of mind is important do you, and if you have the money, then go for pet insurance. Also certain breeds of dog and cat are more likely to need pet health insurance because of inherent health issues. It's a bit sad, though, that during the coronavirus lockdown, French bulldogs have become particularly popular