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Happy Thanksgiving from the Kittehs

Thanksgiving cats- including turkey. Happy Thanksgiving, all, to you and yours.

My first cat show- Thanks Sherry Campbell and Hang Ten of Mainesuspect Maine coons!

By wonderful chance I met Sherry Campbell and kitty (now "cat" I think) Hang Ten (official name GC Tropikoons Hang Ten of Mainesuspect) from Mainesuspect Maine Coons at my first time ever at a cat show- CFA show in Atlanta. I just happened to sit down beside her at one of the "rings" where Maine coons including the awesome "Hang Ten" were being judged. It's a pretty confusing adventure for a newbie, but Sherry was just great in helping me understand (to the best of my ability) what was going on when cats were being judged. And, Hang Ten is quite a Maine coon character, in the very best sense. So, I don't yet understand the ins and out of points and judging and such, or what the various terms mean, but it seems to me that Hang Ten is on his way to making a mark in the Maine coon world and beyond. What a personality. What a gorgeous cat! So, my first "cat show" data point- maybe really nice and accessible breeders show, breed and own

Kitty love from Russia- Maine coon is so sweet

I just found another great YouTube from my Maine coon hero bortapir . Direct link is here Bortapir has some just great kitty vids, including this one, which I featured previously at tka: I think that the kitty lover in youtube #1 is a she kitty, whereas the "flying electrobroom" in youtube #2 is a he kitty. But, are they related?

F1 Savannah Cat MAGIC

I would like to show you two videos of a wonderful Savannah cat called MAGIC. She is a first generation Savannah cat from the wild cat serval and it shows in her athleticism. But, and this is important, she has been beautifully socialised so that she integrates with the human world without a problem. .. see the above video in large format and: In both she shows her true domestic nature while her wild side in her size and appearance is there for all to see. See the above in large format . One last thing. MAGIC is the Guinness World Records Tallest Domestic Cat - official. See also Worlds Biggest Cat . Go to the Home Page . Michael