The cat who wears sunglasses for a good reason

The video explains the reason. Is it the correct one!? Bagel is an extremely laid-back cat. You wonder why. I think it is because she was raised from a young kitten by the woman narrates the video. Well, that may be part of the reason. But she accepts the sunglasses without complaint it seems. 

Bagel. Screenshot.

And the reason she wears them is to keep dust out of her eyes because she has no eyelids. This means she does not blink and blinking removes dust and grim from the eye's cornea.

The don't have to be sunglasses. Some sort of goggles might have been more effective but not as attractive. I sense that Bagel's owner has used her cat's eye condition to turn her cat and herself into a celebrity. Cynical?

The motivation is usually a desire by the cat's owner for celebrity. There is a lot of it about. A deep yearning for celebrity status thanks to social media. It was not always like this believe me.

Cat eyelid agenesis

Cat eyelid agenesis, also known as feline eyelid agenesis, is a rare congenital condition in which a cat is born without fully formed eyelids. This condition can affect one or both eyes and can cause significant discomfort and health problems for the affected cat. 

Without eyelids, a cat's eyes are exposed to the air, dirt, and other debris, which can lead to corneal ulcers, infections, and other complications. Additionally, the lack of eyelids can cause the cat's eyelashes to grow inwards, further irritating the eyes and potentially causing vision problems. 

Treatment for cat eyelid agenesis typically involves surgical intervention to create eyelids or to reposition existing tissue to protect the eyes (read more below). 

In some cases, medication may also be necessary to treat any secondary infections or complications. If you suspect that your cat may have eyelid agenesis, it is important to consult with a veterinarian as soon as possible to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment.


I seems that the condition is treatable. Why wasn't Bagel treated and if she was what happened? Just asking. Does she wear them for effect as much as for eye protection.

Has she had an operation to correct the problem? Too many questions, right? Perhaps the surgery is problematic or Bagel's owner thought it was. Or perhaps she fancied putting her cat in sunglasses to look cool as she had a good medical reason. A good story.

Yes, cat eyelid agenesis is treatable through surgery. The surgery for eyelid agenesis involves creating new eyelids or using existing tissue to cover the eye and protect it from further damage.

The surgical procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia, and the surgeon will carefully reshape the existing tissue to create a functional eyelid. Sometimes, a skin graft or flap may be used to cover the eye.

After the surgery, the cat will need to be monitored closely to ensure proper healing and to prevent infection. The veterinarian may also prescribe medication to manage any pain or discomfort.

Overall, the prognosis for cats with eyelid agenesis is good if the condition is diagnosed and treated promptly. With proper treatment, most cats can go on to live happy, healthy lives with minimal complications.


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