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Norwegian forest cat helps with homework

A charming YouTube- just purrrfect! Direct link is here , where you can also watch in high quality (2:42) Human says: La Peque ayuda a Lucía con los deberes. Alhelí la Peyre, nuestra Peque ceniza, una gatita que siempre participa de todas las tareas cotidianas. One online translation version: La Peque Lucia helps the duties. The wallflower Peyre Our Little ash, a kitten who always participates in all daily tasks. Oh.... online translation is SO frustration! The kitty helps Lucia with homework, and participates in all the daily chores. (My guess.) The kitty is a Norwegian forest cat, a natural or traditional cat breed that has a centuries-old history in Norway as domestic pets. It is generally agreed that they were part of the founder lineage of the Maine coon, another natural cat breed. Michael at "Pictures of Cats" has a great page discussing the history of the Norwegian forest cat. HUGE p.s. I've just discovered that the person who posted this YouTube has a catte

I can has cheezburger-- Adventure!!!

So, I've long been a fan of I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER . I love that place. In a wild moment I decided to submit one of my Tootsie pictures (from my post yesterday ), and caption it. I just checked back, and OMG! others have submitted a caption for my Tootsie pic! Above is here. Above is here. Above is here. I have to say, that was the greatest accolade I might have hoped for!!! Someone else captioned my picture! Shhhh... keep it on the lowdown... I don't want to have Tootsie thinking she's special... **laughing** Now, I'm not entirely sure where you will get with this link, but it's all I got, for now. . As I said, this is an adventure! p.s. I made sure I got a copy of Tootsie's registration form when I adopted her. Her "official" name is "Cameowcoons Thumb's Up".

The Maine coon Challenge- cat photography

This post is for Marion in Savannah, who has been a faithful reader and commenter from the get go. So, Marion, you wanted more pictures of Tootsie? Here they are. But, trying to photograph a cat is, well, like herding cats. You know. Tootsie loves her new feather toy. I brought the feather toy home, and she went nuts. It was near bedtime, and I hid it under the bed. She is really a good cat. Even though sometimes she may have run out of food in the early hours she doesn't get into the food bag. But, oh my, this feather toy was a totally different thing. So, in the early hours of first day of feather toy, I hear leaping about, scratching, and I feel energetic thumping all over the bed. I tried to ignore the situation. But, I finally gave in, and opened my eyes long enough to see that she had found the feather toy, and dragged it onto the bed. She was as fascinated with the string as she was with feathers. I now take the precaution of removing the feather part from the s

Pet Food Product Recalls- contain suspect peanut paste

This is just a quick post, without news links. Many of you are aware that foods containing peanut paste are being recalled, because they contain Salmonella- which has led to several deaths across the US (the Salmonella, not the recall). I've learned that various pet products are also being recalled. The information I have so far is from the FDA site, here. Go to the link and then scroll down to Pet Food Product Recalls. I've also captured the pages, as the list stands now: UHOH- well, I see that the list above is not exactly readable, without super-duper extra special glasses. Nonetheless, I'm going to leave the graphic up, because it gives you at least a bleary glance as to how these products are listed at the FDA. (Not to mention that I spent some time making it!!! LOL) HUGE P.S. As of late in the eve 2/02 - Blue Gal left a very helpful tip in the comments- "People just need to click on the image to be taken to the full size version, which is clear. Thanks!&qu

That Darn Cat! -- more Siamese Cats and Movies

As a result of discovering Bell Book and Candle, featuring Siamese cat Pyewacket (and some minor humans) I set off on a google adventure. I found a site with these two pictures: Captions: (left)Gorgeously draped over the shoulder of the stunning Kim Novak is Pyewacket, of Bell Book and Candle 1958 (right)"DC", That Darn Cat Walt Disney 1965 played by Syn Cat, with Haley Mills. Oh, btw, the original post about "Bell Book and Candle" is here , and has a great video of Kim Novak and the cat. This statement from the photo above intrigued me: "These are what a Traditional Siamese Should look like-- Nice formed bodies and gorgeous expressive heads. Another popular style of the Siamese is the Modern (Americanized) also known as Show Style Siamese". Aha!, I said to myself, I know (something) about this, because I'd previously read Michael's articles at POC. I learned that the "Siamese cat" has a long and complicated history. The original Siam

Cat adoption videos (and pictures)

I have, one way or the other, found some nice cat videos from cat rescue sites, which are "PR" to help get the cat adopted. I applaud the work of volunteers who make these informative videos- they add so much. Here's one I found recently: Kitty loves box. Direct link is here (1:09) Here's one I featured previously: Kitty playing with legos. Adorable! Direct link is here (1:31) I particularly liked the fact that YouTube #2 gave a link to the web page of the shelter. Back when, I checked it out and decided to add the shelter to the blog roll as a result- there are actually few videos, but the site is great. Similarly, I did the same with another shelter that I found via a YouTube. YouTube #1 above did not give such information, which was a bit frustrating. Not all shelters have the volunteer-power to make such videos, but when they do it surely must help find the cats (and dogs and...rabbits) a new home. Kudos to those volunteers. Online information can be very h

Cats and movies-- Bell, Book and Candle

"Hasn't this cat got anything better to do? Couldn't you give him something to read?" As I noted in an earlier post here, LIFE magazine has recently published an online archive of photos here, so of course I had to check it out for kitteh pix. LIFE caption of the above photo is: Actor James Stewart about to be pounced upon by a cat in a scene from the motion picture "Bell, Book And Candle". This started me off, because I love classic movies, and, of course, cats. I have to confess that "Bell, Book and Candle" is a (perhaps minor) classic movie that I've never seen. But, my favorite "major classics" starring Jimmy Stewart include Mr. Smith Goes to Washington , The Philadelphia Story , Harvey , and Vertigo ... OMG, it's hard to know where to stop with this list... But, as poked around the Toobz to find more about "Bell, Book and Candle" , my cat whiskers started quivering... Above is a snippet from the film tra

Cat cafes in Japan- pay to play

I am just figuring out that cats are totally popular in Japan! They have cat cafes- one pic of cat cafes below: This quote from gives an insight into the "cat cafes". Quote: ~~Clever as ever, the Japanese have combined an animal shelter with a teahouse to create the Tokyo phenomenon known as “cat cafes.” To understand why the Japanese would pay to play with someone else’s cats, you have to consider their culture. Tokyo is one of the most overworked cities in the world, with its denizens facing long commutes and hours of unpaid overtime. Residents lack the time and space to devote to pets of their own, but need the stress-relieving benefits of a feline companion.~~ Here's a running report from Japan on cat cafes (7:33) ~~"Tokyo's cat cafes offer serenity in the city-- Where they pay to see a cat – Tokyo has seven cat cafes where patrons pay $8 to $12 an hour for the privilege of sipping tea among the felines.~~ Quote is from a fasc

Maine coons do like to survey their domain from high places!

Yes, from my brief time co-habiting with a Maine coon, I can attest to the fact that these kittehs like to survey their domain from high places. And, this Maine coon is just so "Maine coon"! OMG! Check out those lynx-tipped ears! Awesome! They don't determine the personality of the cat, but they are part of the classic Maine coon "look". Direct link is here (1:18) Human says: Le Maine coon aime se tenir à l'aise avec ses deux pattes avant qui sont très grandes : très souvent il s'installe en hauteur et les laisse tomber devant lui, on dit qu'il "pendouille" ! Okay, I don't think I needed to translate this comment into English to understand the gist. But, I've looked at a lot of "non-English" YouTubes in pursuit of my interest in "international cats", and have been trying to figure out how to read comments via online translations. It's pretty frustrating at times. Translation via this site : The Maine co

I haz confessun- I now haz non-virtual kitteh

Ahem, until very recently, I had contented myself with the joys of watching my "virtual" kittehs at YouTube. Had many kittehs before, but I was still suffering "kitteh grief". At the same time, there was this little niggle in the back of my mind: move on, move on. So, for quite a while, it's been brewing. I got out my camera today, and managed to take a kitteh pic before the camera battery stopped working. Kitteh is very camera shy, but not so bad on her debut. I removed the camera battery so that I could recharge it, but left the camera with kitteh, so that she could befriend it. When I snuck out, she was rubbing her face against the edges of the camera. She's got a plan... Here's my first photo of Tootsie, the polydactyl Maine coon: I found her online, via a local cat rescue charity. Uh, this was the photo they posted: And, the description was not exactly encouraging either- shy, needs patient person, etc. But, she is a purebred Maine coon, an

LIFE photo archive haz kittehs 2

LIFE magazine has recently published an online archive of photos here, so of course I had to check it out for kitteh pix. One great series of photos, of several (we iz continuing with water theme):

Extraordinary Navigator on the Thames- 1815

Well, one just never knows what one will find on the Toobz. After the previous post, where I said I was still searching for something about rowing in a feline fashion, I found this, via a site about rowing on the Thames, via ThamesPilot here : Snippets: "A fine tortoiseshell cat was on Friday morning seen approaching London Bridge, peaceably seated in a large bowl dish. As she advanced towards the fall, every one anticipated that she would be overturned and precipitated into the stream. She kept her seat however, with great presence of mind, and amidst loud cheers, shot the centre arch with as much dexterity as the most experienced waterman. A boy hearing her voice shortly after.... rowed towards her and took her into his wherry, when he found around her neck a parchment scroll, stating that she had come from Richmond Bridge...... It turned out that the voyage was undertaken for a wager between two Richmond Gentlemen." Oh, those Richmond Gentleman... they are such scamps!

Inspiration- rowing and rugby- no kittehs visible

Okay, the subtitle of the blog says "and occasionally some other stuff, maybe". I've gone off into music, but never sports before, because I am a sports fan in only a limited fashion. Nonetheless, and just because I love both of these YouTubes... A student of mine is a rower. He was wondering about missing an exam because of a rowing event. That got me into YouTube rowing land. "Inches"- Direct link is here (4:06) I found this one a while back. I lived in the UK for 10 years, with a Welshman rugby fanatic. And, the tale of this "try" lives on in the history of Rugby Union. I actually found it to send to two women, one being Marcy Wheeler aka Emptywheel (a first class blogger with a steel trap mind) who played Rugby at Amherst College. "The greatest try of all time." Direct link is here (1:29) p.s. And, but... feline characteristics are sometimes invoked to describe rugby players, as follows : "When his markers knew his intent

Marcus kitteh vs. HP printer

Okay, so apparently kittehs attacking printers is a huge "subdomain" at YouTube. I've know this for a while, but was waiting to find the RIGHT video. This one has a gazillion hits. What else can I say? Direct link is here (1:49) Human says: "Marcus (my sweet cat) fiercely attacking an evil printer. Note: It was used paper! And after this we recycle it! Don't panic :D"

Mission Impossible- cats in high places

Another entry to the "cats in high places", with great music. Direct link is here (1:39) Human says: "My lovely Shogun on a mission- mission impossible."

That blowout roomba video, but with great music

A while back, there was a kitteh roomba YouTube sensation here . Right. Over 3 million views! But, an enterprising YouTuber has edited it, and added great Herbie Hancock music. I love the new version! It's so much more fun to watch. Direct link is here . (1:25) p.s. clever YouTube commenter pinkroses353 says: "And if you call now, you get the extra tail sweeper attachment at no extra charge! ha ha" lol

And, totally unrelated...

I'm teaching Human Physiology. A student sent me these pix from the cake wreck blog . Enjoy! Update! Cake Wrecks won as best food blog in the 2008 Weblog Awards!

Toothbrushes are electric!

Well, let the kitteh do it! Kittehs around the world seem to love electric tooth brushes! Japan: Human says- Nishiki, this hilarious Japanese cat, brushes its teeth with an electric toothbrush after eating Moyashi(bean sprout), its favorite food. Direct link is here (1:41) On this side of the world: Direct link is here (2:24) I'm not sure the Cornell Veterinary School would go with the electric tooth brush plan, but if you go to this link you can watch an instructional video about brushing your cat's teeth, from the Cornell experts. Cornell Vet School is one of the top vet schools in the country. And, periodontal disease is a serious and often silent cat health problem- read here , and here . And, there's another great video from a Vet in Atlanta about pet dental care- very informative. The page is here

International love- fluffy tail and big ears en France

Oh, I love finding youtubes like this one. Great vid, perfect music, and with a Francophone accent. Maine coons are the "tail with a cat attached" and well, this rabbit... definitely "ears with a rabbit attached". Charmant. Human says: "Tookie, ma lapine Géant Papillon et Django, mon chaton Maine Coon, lors d'un de leurs moments de complicité..." or, via this translation link: "Tookie, my Gigantic lapine Butterfly and Django, my kitten Maine Coon, at the time of one of their moments of complicity... " Direct link is here (4:31) Click "Maine coons on YouTube" label for more great YouTubes of Maine coons.

Oh my- entertain the kitteh and get some exercise

Human says: "Jasmin sliding. The kitchen floor is great fun!! Trouble is i think i've started something now, tonight she was sat on the rug meowing at me so i would do it again lol...she's such a character!" Direct link is here (1:01)

Ball rescue mission/ straw rescue mission

Maine coons always seem quite purposeful in their behavior, at least based on the many YouTubes I've watched. In this case, it was "rescue the ball". Kitteh scampers away once that objective is achieved. That's what I mean- a plan and a purpose. Direct link is here (2:10) And, same thing with Dave and the straw, a reprise on one of my favorite Maine coon videos. Dave wants the straw for his straw collection. (Human has told me that Dave has a huge collection of straws, which he occasionally piles up near his food dish.) Direct link is here (1:12) Click "Maine coons on YouTube" label for more great YouTubes of Maine coons.

The rat loves the cat!

Human says: "Rat loves cat... cat tolerates rat. A really cute interspecies relationship :) My rat, Peanut, follows Ranj around everywhere! She gives him kisses and hugs." Direct link is here (1:12) Ahhh... this YouTube has been up for just over a week, and already has over 1.7 million hits! Totally sweet.

Maine Coon cat loves my horse riding pants

NO! Not Mine! Direct link is here (2:11) Click "Maine coons on YouTube" label for more great YouTubes of Maine coons.

Kittehs' first snow- ahhhhh

I've been looking for a kitteh "snow" video for quite a while. This one is charming, with great music and some slow motion kitteh jumps. I don't normally post videos that are this long, but this one has a kinda zen-like soothing quality- just perfect if you need to chill, relax, and need a reminder to appreciate the small delights in life. Direct link is here (6:02)

U r messing with my head, but I stay calm, sorta

Big Somali kitteh gets playtime from little Norwegian Forest cat kitteh. Little kitteh gets turfed. Direct link is here (1:27) More about Somalis here, from "Pictures of Cats . And, of course, more about Norwegian forest cats here, from "Pictures of Cats . For more videos of Norwegian forest cats on my blog, click the label "Norwegian forest cat" and a list will come up. Some great YouTubes!

Life is just a bowl of cherries!

Okay, I'm baack! I got a lot of kitteh love during my holiday trip. Cougar the cat was just plain great during my adventure of getting sick on clam pizza. I am allergic to clams, but the owners of the left-over clam pizza forgot that detail, which I had expressly mentioned the day before. I thought I was eating a slice of pizza with spinach and mushrooms, but whoa! These were some clam bits! OUCH! But, despite my uh... hugging the toilet bowl, Cougar was still present, and purring atop the other pillow when I stumbled back to bed. Cat purring is so soothing! And, back to the subject line... this Norwegian Forest cat has a way with cherries. I can't link the high res version, but it's worth following the link to watch it. Norwegian Forest Cat Playing with cherries. Direct link is here (1:14) Human says: "Sebastian is a 12 year old norwegian forestcat. He is very funny especially when he finds cherries in a bowl." Norwegian Forest cats are one of the few