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British animal rescue in Qatar has rescued hundreds of abandoned animals from 50°C killer temperatures

NEWS AND COMMENT: A British charity called Paws Rescue Qatar (PQR) has done some sterling work since 2014 when it was founded by Alison Caldwell and Vicky Lamont. Essentially they rescue abandoned cats and dogs from the streets of Qatar. This is an incredibly hot country with temperatures sometimes reaching 50°C. These abandoned animals can barely survive under these killer temperatures. Further, the locals, the Qataris, often treat street animals as pests which translates to being cruel to them. The founders of PQR say that locals sometimes run over them deliberately to kill them or they poison them and beat them et cetera. Paws Rescue Qatar. Photo: PQR. Here are some points to make about this excellent British charity which has saved the lives of hundreds of animals. Either the owner of the land on which their current facility is located, or the owner of the facility itself or the local authority have told them that they have to move very soon. The news is devastating to them. Se