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Cat - Tasmanian devil hybrid!

A neat bit of photo-editing no more. You certainly can't mate a Tasmanian devil with a domestic cat and if you could I don't think the appearance would be like this. It works really well as a photoshopped image though. The person who did it is mentioned in the image. Why can't different species of animal crossbreed? They do sometimes but if successful the offspring are often sterile. For example, the first filial offspring of a mating between a serval, which is a medium-sized wild cat species, and a domestic cat, are sterile. I'm talking about the F1 male Savannah cats. The reason why entirely different species cannot mate is, I believe because the chromosomes are not the same or very nearly the same. During the process of meiotic cell division, chromosomes have to line up in pairs. When the number of chromosomes is very different this is impossible. And when they line up, they have to have nearly identical genes and these pairs of nearly identical chromosomes are calle

Ginger tabby kitten taps caregiver on arm for more of the same - attention

Firstly, this is a little ginger tabby domestic kitten, and they have nice polite characters as we can see in this video. Cats do sometimes have the habit of gently touching their human caregiver to catch their attention. They have a variety of ways of achieving this, the most common of which is the meow which in human terms is a demand or request. In this instance we can probably guess and say that this kitten is catching his human's attention because he wants another kiss, more of the same, please. Or perhaps more accurately more loving interactions.  Screenshot. I guess he just wants the attention. I don't think - I know - that he actually understands the human kiss!! Cats don't understand that sort of thing, but they do understand the warmth of a relationship. They do understand the friendship in a relationship because it is reassuring. My belief is that domestic cats do like to be reassured because they are placed within the exclusively human environment. Everything ar

Persian cat becomes royalty as he glimpses King Charles III in Belfast

This is a photograph of a Persian cat on the shoulder of their owner wearing a crown. They were watching King Charles III as he visited Royal Hillsborough, near Belfast, Northern Ireland during the King's whistlestop tour after the procession from Buckingham Palace to the late Queen's resting place at Westminster Hall. Persian cat becomes royalty as she glimpses King Charles III in Belfast. Pic in the public domain. I thought the picture was quite good because it is the only picture I've seen of a cat during these extensive proceedings in memory of Queen Elizabeth II. Clearly, the owner felt confident enough to take a Persian cat on her shoulder into a large crowd which I think is good. The cat looks a bit ragged and a bit unkempt it has to be said. I don't like the dirty chin but all in all, I think it's a good photograph and I always like to see a cat taken outside on a lead even into large crowds if the owner thinks it is safe and acceptable to do so. Some cats a

My neighbour is feeding random cats in my garden. What to do?

My neighbour is feeding random cats in my garden. What to do?  Image by Leng Kangrui from Pixabay . This is a problem discussed on the website, an excellent social media site which I'd recommend. It is a site with throws up some interesting cat problems. Correction: human problems about cats because as sure as eggs are eggs this is a human generated problem, and the cat is the innocent victim. They say the following: "For a while now I’ve been noticing this weird brown sludge in my driveway and couldn’t figure out what it was. Yesterday I came home and noticed a stray cat sat underneath my car with a pile of cat food, enough that someone must have placed it there. This morning the cat food was a wet soggy mess all over the garden, just like I’d previously seen. My boyfriend said he’s seen the cat chilling out underneath my car a lot recently too. I’ve started checking under my car every time I go to leave the house so I don’t run it over, but I just don’t like the i

New Zealanders are moaning again about giant feral cats ravaging their countryside

New Zealand is reporting that giant feral cats are "absolute muscle", and they are ravaging the native species in their picturesque country. Their muscular frames and large sizes (at up to 10 kg which is about twice the weight of a standard house) are being attributed to the fact that these special feral cats are dining out on the best native wildlife that New Zealand can offer them.  RELATED:  Australia’s feral cats can grow to twice the normal size . The photograph on this page is unpleasant with a grinning New Zealander holding a tabby feral cat by the tail. It seems that the head of the animal has been deliberately cropped out to make the image acceptable. I suspect that the cat was shot in the head which is an inhumane way to kill an animal despite what the shooters say. Flock Hill Station pest control manager, Browny, with a 10kg feral cat. Image: supplied. Because of this kind of picture, New Zealand's conservationist are urging the government to do something about

Are these cats being spoiled in their mini outside enclosure and tunnel?

The cat's owner thinks they are spoiling their cats. I don't think so at all. I depends on standards but if you want to do something for your cats to make their lives a little more natural (hardly spoiling them) this is not a bad compromise. The cats' caregiver has provided a nice secure way for their cats to enjoy some outdoor time. This method of safe outdoor living albeit very restricted is popular with some owners and I can see the reason why. It is a quite a good compromise. All methods of allowing domestic cats outside in a restricted and safe way are compromises.  Outdoor cat enclosure and long tunnel. Image: Bored Panda. It is peace of mind though. Peace of mind for the owner I should stress. This sort of arrangement is all about the owner wanting to enrich their cat's lives while eliminating the risk of injury or death from road traffic. Basically, that is what it is about. I love the long tunnel from the house to the mini-enclosure. Of course, you have to cut