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Man shot dead by police while carrying a cat in a bag

This police shooting took place in a secure car park in Ascot Drive Police Station in Derby, UK, on Friday Morning. Marius Ciolac ran a building and electrical business until it was dissolved in February. The reports are that Mr Ciolac had been due in the criminal courts three days before he was shot. The criminal case against him was dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service. We don't know why but he was apparently in the police station car park with a knife and that a window had been smashed. Cordoned off area where the incident occurred. Image: PA Media. Derbyshire police apparently confronted Mr Ciolac and shot him. It is reported that he suffered gunshot injuries after armed officers were deployed to the station. He died in hospital. Later on, there was a report that he was carrying a bag at the time he was shot and in the bag was a cat. There were no reports about the cat until later on when animal advocates and people concerned about animal welfare asked about the welfare of

Baby monkey refuses to give up her kitten. Good or bad?

There is a very successful video on YouTube which you can see below if you want to. It shows a young monkey, Susie, who refuses to give up her kitten to her owner. And I presume the owner is the one making the video. My guess is that it was made in Asia somewhere. The comments indicate that viewers are enamoured of the cuteness of the whole thing. I do not see it that way. The whole thing is artificially created. The owner has integrated a young monkey with some kittens knowing that the monkey would like to play with the kittens and possess them. She knew that this would produce a good video in terms of hits, and it has because it has acquired 43 million hits, but I think we need to look behind the so-called cuteness that people love to see and ask some questions. And I know that I'm being serious and actually people hate it when people are serious about things. People prefer to live superficially and look at the veneer of objects and videos like this and not dig around a bit and a

Do you know your neighbour well enough to feed your cats?

I am sure that there are many instances of cat owners giving their house keys to their neighbour so that they can feed their cats when they are away, and it works out great but there is an element of chance involved as this story highlights. I guess you don't really know your neighbour. What you know about your neighbour has been garnered through the odd casual conversation. Nolan caught on webcam installed by Debbie Wearing-Jones. Image: Wearing-Jomes, The Sun/SWNS. In this instance, Debbie Wearing-Jones gave the keys to her home to her neighbour William Nolan, 59, and his wife. She wanted him to feed her to cats while she was away. Debbie appears to have no complaint about her cats being fed but, on her return, she discovered a voice recorder taped underneath a coffee table and another behind the headboard of her bed. She was also horrified and probably had an idea who did it, but she needed hard evidence because she reported the matter to the police who said that they need bette

After Hurricane Ian, this man has his 3 cats and what's in his suitcase

Everything that this man owned has gone after Hurricane Ian roared through South Florida. He managed to save his three cats. He was sitting in a back room with his three cats and a tornado lifted the roof from his home. He has nothing left except perhaps what is most precious to him, his cats.  I am very pleased that he managed to save his cats. It looks like he prioritised them. Not infrequently when cat owners need to take rapid steps to save themselves, they are forced to de-prioritise their cat companions. It is understandable but I don't like to read about it. Here is the video. The devastation wrought by Hurricane Ian has been reported on the world's news media. The world knows about it in quite good detail. The devastation is shocking. It is going to take a long time to rebuild this area of America. The reports are that it is one of the worst hurricanes to hit Florida ever. People who've lived there all their lives have never seen anything like it.