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The Cat on the Treadmill

The cat on the treadmill video where the cat just flops is a classic reinforcement of the perception that a good number of people have that the domestic cat is lazy. People who dislike cats add to that by saying that they are useless and they sneer at you, and so on . All rubbish, I am afraid! Most often when writing about the "lazy cat" people make fun of it. It is one of those funny cat stories, photos or videos . This is the more serious side, in defense of the cat side - typical of me. I don't think cats are lazy. Taking a global view, wildcats are certainly not lazy especially the small wildcats. They do a lot of hunting at night, frequently all night and they travel what we would consider long distances. The sand cat can travel about 20 kilometers a night searching for food. Lazy? When wild cats are efficient at catching prey or when prey is abundant they will have more time to rest and sleep - common sense it seems to. As to the companion cat, the humble dom