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Bengal cat mom and kittens on the treadmill

This is a cute mini-video of a Bengal cat mom and her two kittens doing a daily workout on a feline treadmill. It is good to see. I love to see cats exercising. Treadmills are still fairly rare in homes perhaps because cat owners are unsure if their cat will use it.  How many cat products bought with great passion and love are discarded because the cat can see no use in it? A lot I suspect. But one of the great problems in the way of life of indoor domestic cats is getting enough to do. There aren't enough challenges. Cats are fed and pampered. There is no need for them to exercise their hunting skills and their brains.  Result? Boredom and sometimes obesity to the detriment of their overall health and welfare. Cats need to challenged just like humans. Note: this video is likely to stop working at some time in the future as it appears to be in possible breach of copyright. If it does fail I am sorry but I have no control over it. A car (not a typo!) needs to be used to keep it in