Her: 'I'm into bestiality'

Me: I'm into bestiality
Me: I'm into bestiality. Screenshot.

Here is the TikTok video. It is clickbait. I thought I'd show you what clickbait looks like. It comes in many forms with one objective: to get internet surfers idly wandering around the internet to click on a link or video. The video or article never delivers. The objective is not to deliver. It is to entice people to click on the link to increase visits to their video or website.

In this instance they videoed a pretty, innocent-looking woman and juxtaposed her face with ugly words on criminality. There is a clash between the words and the image. That gets the juices flowing in some people. Note: bestiality has been legalised in Spain recently! Hard to believe but it is true.

The video:


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