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Ukrainian soldier with tabby cat and feline reinforcements!

Here is a cool picture tweeted by the Defense of Ukraine Twitter account. I always love to see the Ukrainian soldiers receiving some love from a domestic cat who's probably a stray having lost their owner to death or disappearance. Here, with soldiers, they can find some human caregiving and contact. We don't know for how long. This war - Putin's invasion of a sovereign territory - is appalling. The Russian war crimes are horrendous. I hope they pay the price. A war tribunal is being set up as I understand it both inside Ukraine and in Northern Europe (believed The Netherlands). Ukraine soldier with tabby cat. Image: Twitter. And here is a funny response also from Twitter: Feline reinforcements arrive to defend Ukraine. Image: Twitter. I should not omit dogs. They also provide a lot of comfort to the Ukraine military and vice versa. They have a home for a while. But life is very fragile. These human-to-cat relationships are liable to be shattered at any minute.

Veterinarian convinced cat owner to spend £7,000 because their cat was hot and panted at the clinic!

NEWS AND OPINION: For me, this veterinarian story smacks of a greedy vet. Abigail Laker, a music student from Salford, UK, had not long ago moved out of her parents' home. She was used to living with dogs and she knew that dogs panted on occasions. She adopted a cat and named her Moose. She took Moose to her veterinarian for spaying. At the clinic, Moose, on my assessment of the story, became agitated as cats do and was panting and breathing quickly. Moose. Image: Abigail via Caters News Agency. Reading between the lines of the story on the Daily Mail website, I visualise a young female cat who had become anxious visiting a strange place with strange smells and noises and got hot and agitated. She started to pant to lose some body heat just as a dog would under similar circumstances. That would seem normal to me but Abigail's veterinarian said that Moose might be suffering from a serious health condition and further investigations were required. And then over the next weeks or

Facebook post falsely claims that World Economic Forum called for mass cat and dog killing

Facebook post falsely claims that World Economic Forum called for mass cat and dog killing. This is fake. NEW AND COMMENT: This is a good example of fake news on social media, this time Facebook. A man called George Jadu Harley wrote a shocking post that you can see above and below claiming that "WEF wants to slaughter millions of pet cats and dogs to fight climate change".  RELATED:  What is the ‘carbon dioxide equivalent’ of a domestic cat ? It must have been the idea of mischief maker who had read stories about the carbon footprint of pet cats and dogs. They do have a carbon footprint and it is an issue in terms of climate change but the WEF did not promote the mass slaughter of pets. AFP Fact check puts things right. "The World Economic Forum is now calling for millions of cats and dogs worldwide to be slaughtered in an effort to reduce the 'carbon pawprint' they produce as a result of eating meat..." reads a Facebook post from December 13." "T

Tell me if you think this dog risks harming kittens in his bed

This video is very popular having received 14 million views. Personally, I don't see it. I don't see the attraction. I must be an exception. I see a big Golden retriever reacting to the fact that there are some almost newborn kittens in his soft and comfy bed and his reaction, as far as I can see, jeopardises the health and welfare of the tiny kittens. It is called: "Golden Retriever React to Tiny Kittens in His Bed" No one seems to recognise that potential. On one occasion he almost walks on a kitten which would have probably killed it. And the video has been edited with a piece cut out of it. What happened during that clip? All in all, for the life of me, I don't see why this video has been seen 14 million times. What do you think? Please comment.

3 cat owners take their cats for a walk on a lead and 1 is successful!

 Three cat owners take their cats for a walk and one of them is successful, the guy who adores cats. His adoration of cats is not the reason why his cat accepts being in a harness and going for a walk on a lead. It is because the cat either has got used to it or is naturally more relaxed in a harness with a lead. And isn't he a handsome cat? The other couple of ladies struggled. It is not their fault. It is absolutely normal to struggle when you first take your cat out for a walk on a lead. Cats simply do not understand and the harness often either causes a cat to become limp and passive as if being carried by their mother by the scruff of the neck or they want to wriggle out of it. Why Does My Cat Fall Over When I Put a Harness on Him? The second point is important because you will see 2 different types of harness in the video. The guy who loves cats has a very robust looking harness which is easier to put on as well. It is the kind of harness which a cat cannot wriggle out of. Th

Black kitten unboxed!

 You know how some people make videos of the un-boxing of a fresh, new product such as an iPhone. These videos are very welcome to product fetishists. The box is almost as important as the thing inside it. In fact boxes can be quite important because it tells you quite a bit about the quality of the product contained within the box! Enough of that. @savannah_gamblin Welcome baby Azul 💙 #kittens #catsoftiktok #fyp #viral #animals ♬ original sound - Savannah Gamblin Well here we have a black kitten who is being unboxed on video. We don't know much about the back story. I have gleaned a little bit because this is a kitten box with air holes and a handle. On the side it says " Cats Are Angels with Whiskers ". Indeed they are. Until they scratch you when playing with you! Forget about that, it's not important. Kitten unboxed. Screenshot. "Cats are angels with whiskers" . Here is the same video. It is a backup copy incase the one above goes wrong 😃. M

Crying cat wanders into the backyard of a shelter asking to be let in

Sigmund the cat - photo: Detroit Community Cat Rescue. Summary This is the story of a cat named Sigmund (also known as Siggy) who was rescued by the Detroit Community Cat Rescue (DCCR). Sigmund is an orange and white tomcat who was found wandering near the shelter by Liz Haack, the DCCR Shelter Manager. When she offered him food, Sigmund eagerly accepted and allowed Liz to bring him inside the shelter. Sigmund is estimated to be between 3 and 5 years old and had likely lived outside for his entire life before being rescued. He is described as being very friendly and affectionate, with a constant purring motor. Sigmund tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), but this does not prevent him from living a normal, healthy life. After spending several months at the shelter, Sigmund was adopted by a young man who fell in love with him after reading his story. Sigmund is now living in a loving home and is very happy. Quotes from shelter manager Liz Haack, DCCR Shelter Manager s

Kitten's life transformed from broken to healed and healthy in loving home

A small kitten named Wicket was found abandoned near a dumpster and had severe injuries, including a broken jaw and a broken leg. Hearthside Cats, an animal rescue organization in New York, was notified about the kitten and took her in to provide care.  Photos: Hearthside Cats. Despite the severity of her injuries and her small size (weighing only 11 ounces), Wicket had a strong will to live and received round-the-clock care, including antibiotics, pain medication, and syringe feeding. With time and supportive care, Wicket began to heal and gain weight, and her upper respiratory infection and wounds in her mouth cleared up.  Wicket befriended the fosterer's dog. Image: Hearthside Cats. "The first couple weeks were day by day with syringe feeding, antibiotics, and pain medication provided by her loving medical foster (carer),"Ashley Anderson of Hearthside Cats. "Wicket would not only live, she would thrive. Both her jaw and leg would heal without surgical intervention

Couple say a kitten "adopted them" after they found him meowing outside their hotel room

A couple said a kitten "adopted them" after they found him meowing outside their hotel room in Greece. I say this sweet Greeks stray bicolour used his smarts and charm to almost FORCE the couple to adopt him 👍😎. That purr can be so persuasive. THERE IS A VIDEO AT THE BASE OF THE PAGE. Toni Czogalik, 23, and her boyfriend were on holiday on the Greek island of Rhodes in October 2022. There was a thunderstorm outside. And there was a small six-month-old black-and-white kitten outside their hotel room and he was meowing I guess to be let in. It's probably pretty clear that the thunderstorm frighten the cat and he was looking for some comfort and used his charm and persistence to adopt this British holidaying couple. "One night on holiday there was a thunderstorm, and the kitten came to hotel door crying and soaking wet. We looked after him for the night and ever since then he kept coming back to our room and wouldn’t leave us alone. " They named him Nermal and de