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Lies! Mischievous pet cats destroy owner's brand-new gaming chair

This is pure bollocks to put it crudely. The video is meant to show a couple of cats destroying a brand-new, wonderful, all-leather gaming chair in a matter of minutes. It's complete rubbish.  Lies! Mischievous pet cats destroy owner's brand-new gaming chair. Screenshot. For a start, this is not leather as we can clearly see in the image above and I would bet my bottom dollar that this chair was nowhere near new in any case. It is an example of click bait. This video might not be around forever so if you don't see it, I'm sorry but I don't control its existence. Perhaps it is better that it doesn't exist! Mischievous pet cats destroy owner's brand new gaming chair #manila #philippines #gamingchair #cats #kitties #naughty #KameraOne — KameraOne (@kamera_one) February 23, 2022

Stray animals boost morale on Ukraine’s front lines as Russian troops invade

  There is a big question mark over whether Putin is mad, super-intelligent or somewhere in between. Anyway, he has sent the troops into Ukraine to take over the country; to annex the country to Russia because he thinks that Ukraine should be part of Russia.  I believe that he has had aspirations to include Ukraine as part of Russia for a very long time. That is why I believe all the diplomacy and negotiations which have taken place over the past few months have been a complete waste of time. His mind was set and there was no turning back. In fact, it was impossible for Putin to turn back once he was on that path. To turn back would be losing face. It would be a sign of defeat before he had even started.  There has been a lot of discussion in The Times newspaper about whether he is genuinely slightly mad at least. He has been isolated for quite a long time partly because of Covid. In addition, he has a small group of advisers around him some of them going back to his KGB days. These ar

A cutey in a hoody

A cutey in a hoody. Screenshot, This must be a created video. Planned and executed to perfection 👌. It is cute though. It is meant to look as if they preparing to go outside for a stroll to the shops. But no. Once the videoing was done it was back to normal. I'm happy with my title. One of my better ones.

Near-adult domestic cat likes to suckle from a bottle

It's a cute little Twitter video but is it a good idea to allow a near-adult domestic cat companion suckle from a bottle like this? I mean it looks nice in many ways; it looks like this cat is a human baby with the presence of mind to hang onto a bottle of milk and drink from it as if they are suckling at their mother's breast.  But does it not perpetuate the thought in the mind of this cat that they are a kitten and might it not be a good idea to allow the cat to grow up and become more independent?  The truth is, as stated by Dr Desmond Morris, that human cat caregivers keep their companions in a near permanent state of kittenhood due to the relationship. It is an automatic byproduct of cat domestication. Near-adult cat likes to suckle from a 'hand-held' bottle. Screenshot. The person who has tweeted the video is a colleague of mine who is on a mission to try and stop cat declawing in the USA. I have tried myself through hundreds of posts. I won't go on but declaw

Feral cat tip toes along iron railings in a demonstration of agility and balance

Note : This is a video from another website which is embedded here. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it. Feral cat tip toes along iron railings in a demonstration of agility and balance. Screenshot.