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What sort of cat gets stolen the most often?

The sort of cat that gets stolen the most often is the cat which is the most glamorous. It is the cat with the best appearance. The cat with bling. They don't have to be purebred cats although they nearly always are. I don't think the people who steal cats necessarily know their cat breeds. They will target cats because they are pretty and therefore very saleable. Leopards Realm Bengal Cats. Photo: the breeder. This is a cat with plenty of bling. And bling is attractive to everyone including thieves. And as it happens, one of the most glamorous-looking cats is the Bengal. This is a purebred cat as you no doubt know. They have high contrast coats. They look like wild cats which makes them even more glamorous. They move quickly and are alert. Sometimes their coats have rosettes which are hollowed out spots. RELATED:  Bengal Cat Coat . Their high contrast coat comes from their wild cat ancestor which is the Asiatic leopard cat. So, the Bengal cat is high on the list of most desira

Making a cat climbing pole by hand in a mini-production line

This is quaint and nice. It is a bunch of guys who have got together to create a mini-production line where they build cat climbing poles by hand but in a production line way. I see it as a hybrid work method being in-between a production line and a one-off handmade product. As I said it is nice to see. It looks enterprising. I like their technique. And I like the product. I have not seen one before. It looks like a good idea. I know my cat would love it. He'd be straight up at as soon as it was erected. @catioguy It takes a village - or the Custom Catios crew - to build a cat climbing pole! #cat #catification #cats #catio #lovecats #catsoftiktok #catlover ♬ Rocky Theme - Gonny Fly Now - The Fan Lounge Note : This is an embedded video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source or the video is turned into a link which stops it working here. I have no control over this.

Amur leopard cat a.k.a. Far Eastern Forest cat or Asiatic leopard cat

This short post is about getting the name right for the leopard cat. The scientific name is:  Prionailurus bengalensis . This is the wild cat ancestor of the wild cat hybrid the popular Bengal cat. There is going to be confusion about this small wild cat's name. My understanding is that the correct name for this cat is the Asiatic leopard cat or just the straightforward "leopard cat". Sometimes people refer to the cat as the Asian leopard cat. And sometimes as is stated in the title to this post, people refer to the same species as the Amur leopard cat and even the Far Eastern forest cat. This number of different names are going to cause confusion. Leopard cat. Photo: Joanna Ross and Andrew Hearn. And I'll tell you why it is not only just to do with the number of names. Confusion is going to be caused because the Amur leopard is not the Amur leopard cat. The former is the Siberian leopard, a rare wild cat species while the latter refers to the Asian leopard cat or

Why do some adult cats suckle like kittens?

A picture of a grown kitten suckling milk from a bottle in his "arms" brings to mind quite a commonplace question about adult cats which is that sometimes they suckle on objects which are not their mother's breast. It's a form of compulsive suckling as if they are kittens i.e. permanent kittens. And this is for me, a part of the answer. I see this "problem" being to do with two issues, one of which is an overarching issue and the other is a more specific issue. Adult siblings suckling each other. Screenshot. See base of page for explanation. RELATED: Sibling suckling . Overarching issue I call this an overarching issue because it seems to me that cat owners a.k.a. cat caregivers (which is a better description), through their actions and their relationship between themselves and their domestic cat companion, keep their cats in a permanent state of kittenhood.  Because they constantly provide food, security and warmth to their cat companions, the cat's nor

Cat's frantic response to the opening of an automatic cat feeder

This is a TikTok video which shows a cat repeatedly becoming super-excited, almost frantic, to get to the automatic cat feeder which I presume is making a sound as it opens to alert the cat to the fact that food is available.  @couvieandkitty Beano: "Restraint? Never heard of it." #hungryeyes #catsoftiktok #cattok #beano #petsoftiktok #foodlover ♬ Hungry Eyes (From "Dirty Dancing" Soundtrack) - Eric Carmen Note : This is an embedded video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source or the video is turned into a link which stops it working here. I have no control over this. The cat finds this incredibly exciting, and as you can see in the video, races towards the feeder for that precious food.  The video gives me the impression that the cat is being starved 😃. Why else would a cat be so desperate to get to that food which is protected normally by the automatic feeder and which opens at a programmed time. That's my interpretation.  Perh

Palace guard drops his guard for a stray cat

Palace guard lets his guard down for a cat. Screenshot. Clearly, one of these guards really likes or even loves domestic cats because this individual - the guy marked in the photograph - can't help but pet this attractive stray cat who wanders through the palace gates.  I am told that these are the palace gates in Malaysia. I don't know which palace if there is more than one but it looks impressive. It looks a little incongruous for a security guard dressed in uniform to temporarily let down his guard by petting a cat.  And why are all those cars going through the gates without being stopped and checked? I don't understand what's going on but it's the juxtaposition of a friendly cat and the relationship the cat makes with the guard which is interesting in the context that we see in the video. To people whose native language is not English, to 'drop your guard' means to relax your defences and allow yourself to be vulnerable. The video has been speeded up for