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Is it normal for 14-week-old sibling cats to still suckle on their mother (video)?

I don't think it is particularly normal. Normally domestic cats are weaned at about 8 weeks of age. So 14 weeks is about twice the normal time. But apparently, free-living kittens often remain with their mother for 12 weeks or longer. And there has to be some flexibility in how long kittens are weaned. It seems to me that these sub-adult siblings are seeking comfort from being nursed by their mother. And that said, there must be a background reason why they are seeking this form of emotional comfort. Might it be fair to say that they are slightly stressed for whatever reason? I don't think that it is anything to get really concerned about. The prediction would be that the mother will eventually push them away but she appears to accept it. As all three of the cats accept what they're doing it should be regarded as acceptable by their human caregiver. It's just a question as to how long it goes on for. You wonder whether there will be any behavioural problems in the sub-a

Resident domestic cat tames and socialises incoming true feral cat

Wow, this is a good cat story. This nice family decided that their resident cat, who looks like a soppy fella, needed company. The adopted what seems like a true tabby feral cat from the local animal shelter. Their vet said that it might take a couple of years to socialise the feral cat and that they might never be fully socialised.  You may have to click on the play button 2x to get it to play 😉. Sorry. Resident domestic cat tames and socialises incoming true feral cat. Screenshot. Lower words added by MikeB. The unexpected happened; the resident cat did the job for them! LOL. Brilliant. He didn't do all the work but the resident cat made the difference because he befriended the feral cat which immediately calmed her down and got her into the human way of life. I have presumed that she is female. The fact is that feral cats are unsocialised to humans but they are socialised to other cats be they feral or domestic. When people socialise cats, it is getting them used to humans and

TikToker scares her young cat to make a 'funny cat video'.

Believe me, this is a bloody horrible 'funny cat video' but it has been seen millions of times. Why? Just don't watch the bloody thing, please. A TikToker decided to make a "funny cat video" by using TikTok's software to distort her face against a background of crap music knowing full well that it would probably scare her young cat who she is holding at the same time. So, she decided to scare her cat to make a funny cat video. Does that sound right to you?  It can't be right. But this sort of thing goes on all the time.  And this horrible video has been seen millions of times, so people enjoy it. What chance have we got of being good cat caregivers if people see this as acceptable? I guess there are a lot of people who dislike cats and don't give a damn or they are just bloody stupid. TikToker scares her young cat to make a 'funny cat video'. For about 15 years now cat owners have been making funny cat videos which are based upon frightening ca

Animated film featuring cats and dogs carries a message about our fractured society

Actor George Takei (Sulu in Star Trek) voices the character of Ohga, the villain's right-hand cat in the film "Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank". It is a film which offers audiences a lesson in inclusion and diversity. A lesson which is particularly pertinent today as: "We live in a fractured society. Every headline in the paper or every breaking news on TV, it is a divided society that we live in", said George Takei. And it is particularly useful to have this message in a film which should appeal to children. Michael Cera plays Hank a beagle who dreams of becoming a samurai warrior and ends up in a small village dominated by cats. Cera said: "Art is a way to bring those messages across in a way that you feel, and not just telling people what to think.... going on this journey with this character, and seeing what he goes through and experiencing the emotions." Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank. Yes, the hard-on-his-luck hound Hank finds himself in a tow

When a feline DNA test isn't needed

 The image is self-explanatory. The saying 'like father like son' comes to mind. RELATED:  Is DNA testing of your cat for lineage and health issues worth it ? Not that you ever need to check on the paternity of a cat or rarely. This is only likely when a father is denying that he is the father of a child to avoid paying maintenance! If only the likeness was always this accurate in matrimonial disputes there'd be no need for DNA testing.  One commenter said that it is an example of copy and paste. Or Harpo Marx has been reborn.  RELATED:  The choice between adopting a cat or dog is in your DNA as much as it is influenced by experience .

Why do some cats like to get into glass jars?

Why do some cats like to get into glass jars? For the reasons stated on this page. Image: Screenshot. There can only be 2 overlapping and viable reasons why domestic cats sometimes like to wriggle their way into relatively small glass jars and vases. You see this a lot on the Internet in funny cat videos. The two reasons are (1) they can do it because they are incredibly flexible and athletic and it is a form of self-entertainment and (2) domestic cats do like to crawl into small spaces as they feel more secure. This statement is borne out by the fact that we have seen cats sitting in a circle marked out on the floor with tape or chalk. To the cats this is a solid, secure encampment protected by an invisible wall. But it's just thin air. The video below may not play unless you click the center play button first followed by the bottom-left button or clicking the center button twice 😎. It is a high-tech Google Blogger website. And we see the same thing in the classic 'cat jumpin

Video of a woman befriending a pretty stray cat

Beautiful stray cat is befriended and rehomed. This is a TikTok video of a nice woman who befriends a pretty stray cat. This cat is not feral. She behaves like a domestic cat who has become a stray. She needs a home and the video maker wants to give her a home so there is no obstacle in attaining that objective. I'd expect her to be with this woman as I write this. Comment by a viewer of the video on TikTok: "We can all already see how much you love her. Once she’s comfortable, she’ll be so happy with you". To which the creator of the video replied: "I love her so much! Thank you for this sweet comment." My comment: I can see why! She is gorgeous. Here is the video. You may have to click on the play button twice to get it to play! You will note that the commentary in the video is by a wooden-voiced man. This is a commentary provided by TikTok. The app reads the words provided by the video maker and I guess you can choose the type of voice that pleases you