The worst part of owning a cat is when they die

The words of the title are by Chris L on social media. She is correct. It is agony. Cats can die slowly through, for example, the commonplace kidney disease. 

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Under these circumstances the owner has at least 2 problems (a) seeing the gradual deterioration of their cat's health with one inevitable endgame and (b) grappling with the agonising decision on when to euthanise. The latter point is important as it must be done in the interests of the cat which is hard because almost always the owner does not want to let go and perhaps involuntarily takes their cat to the vet for the final time too late. 

This can lead to their cat suffering more than should have been the case.

The problem of dealing with a dying domestic cat companion is why many people do not adopt elderly shelter cats. Many are euthanized at the shelter as a consequence. 

But this is wrong. They deserve a chance. They deserve the opportunity to live the last months or years in a nice home and loved.

Some people can deal with a dying pet cat better than others. I found it agony as stated. But if you can remain fairly businesslike in making the tough decisions it'll work out and you'll be rewarded in knowing that you gave the cat a great gift. The gift of life and love during failing health and at the end.


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