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There Is a Similarity between Brexit and Donald Trump

Donald Trump is pleased about Brexit. It supports his campaign. It has been argued that the underlying causes of Donald Trump's success and Brexit are similar or the same. People have become disenchanted with politicians. Ordinary people have become tired of seeing the establishment elite flying high above the difficulties of the world endured by the masses. People who supported Brexit did so for a number of reasons but one of them was that they became tired of arrogant Eurocrats dictating terms and not listening. They wanted control back in their lives. They wanted somebody to fight for them and listen to them and a person who was not a typical politician. A major reason for Brexit was uncontrolled immigration. Controlled immigration can be very good for the economy but uncontrolled immigration undermines the culture of a nation and its historical ambience. It changes the way of life of ordinary people without their consent. People who support Donald Trump do so because he i

How to Stop Islamic Terrorism?

How do we stop terrorism from Muslim extremists? I feel compelled to write about this for the obvious reason that almost weekly we are reading about terrorist attacks in Europe. People are becoming really concerned. Ordinary people on the streets of any European country are quite possibly worried when they go outside. They may be looking for unusual behaviour. They may be nervous. Some may not care at all but in general the mood is one of apprehension amongst millions of people. And that apprehension is justified. The point is this, we cannot go on as we are. The West, it is argued, has played a large part in creating this terrorism. It is said we are reaping what we have sowed. We have to look forward. We have to do something differently. I do not believe that we can simply fight our way out of this war. It is a war. A different kind of war. It could be argued that it is the third world war. Conventional wars you can fight to victory. This is not a conventional war. We are fight