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Mouse escapes cat by hitching a ride on a bike in Russia

 This little video should make you smile and even laugh. It was captured in Russia and it appears that there are a couple of guys on their bikes. Nearby, a cat is chasing a mouse. The mouse sees an opportunity to escape by clambering onto one of their bikes. They are amused. The mouse remains on the frame of the bike and the other guy videos it. The cat looks nonplussed because she has lost her mouse. They cycle off while continuing to film. It's the most novel way that I have seen for a mouse to escape a cat. Well done mouse and I'm sorry the cat lost her dinner. I can't embed the video so please click on this link to see it on the original site : MSN. Sorry for that. Note: these sorts of links break down over time. It is just the way it is on the internet. Here is a poor image quality still image of the great escape: Mouse escapes cat by hitching a ride on a bike in Russia

Kitten plays peekaboo in cute video

Playing peekaboo, in a cute kitten video which is in line with the objectives of this website which is owned and run by Valley Girl! Well, it was :) . This is a cute little video which may well disappear fairly quickly. The lifespan of videos on the internet is not awful long. If this one has gone wrong, please accept my apologies. This cute kitten is enjoying the play session. 

Do cats abandon their kittens if you touch them?

No, domestic or feral cats do not abandon their pre-weaned kittens if you touch them. Although they will probably become anxious . A feral cat mother might move her kittens to a new den if you touch them. A domestic cat, in a nice warm home, might become anxious if you touch kittens. It is best to leave them alone but watch. Noise and activities near them might also make them anxious. They need quiet dens. Yes, newborn kittens do not have teeth but rarely they might have. Incisors are the first teeth to appear and about 2 to 3 weeks of age. Photo in public domain and words added by MikeB. However, I think that you will see cat breeders touching newborn and young kittens quite often in order to check for their health. The mother probably finds this acceptable because she will be a full-time breeding mother and used to the whole process. On a grizzly note, I feel too that some breeders will kill newborn kittens if they are not up to scratch on appearance. Appearance is all for breeders.