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Weird looking cat is an example of Persian extreme inbreeding gone wrong with undershot jaw and protruding eyes

This is a well-known viral video on various social media platforms. It is called "Weird-looking cat Wilfred goes viral with Michael Rapaport voiceover" on YouTube. The voiceover is very amusing. Due credit. But someone has to address the more important issue: the state of the cat. The appearance of this inbreed Persian cat is shocking. She has a grossly undershot jaw and bulging eyes. I'd bet my bottom dollar that she has other health issues due to inbreeding depression. The breeder of this cat - and this is a case of deliberate artificial selection - has done a terrible job. She/he (usually a she) has been a complete unmitigated failure. Inbreeding depression I have a page on inbreeding depression which you can read by clicking on this link if you wish . But I'll cover some basic points here and the information comes from the well-known Robinson's Genetics for Cat Breeders and Veterinarians at page 115. One of the symptoms of inbreeding depression is stated as, &

I feel sorry for this kitten, a father's surprise present for his army of kids

Screenshot. A nice gesture by the dad but I feel sorry for the frightened kitten brought into a home where there is an army of kids which inevitably means a ton of noise and disruption; the opposite to what cats need and enjoy. Especially kittens. I bet there is nothing in the home to make is interesting for a cat such as climbers and scratching posts etc. And the way he brings the kitten home in a paper bag of the kind for inanimate objects bought at a shop does not look good to me. I don't see this working out great for the cat. I see the beginnings of neglect due to incompetence. I see a frightened kitten growing up fearfully and becoming anxious. I see kids mishandling the cat and the kids getting scratched. Problems all the way because of a lack of preparation in terms of education on cat caregiving. But that's me: somewhat cynical and pessimistic. You get that way when you are 74 years old. You've seen all the problems that can happen and think they will happen. It ju

Transwomen can be mothers. 'I'm your mother' he says tearfully.

Not about cats today. Ran out of things to say. But this is probably more important right now. It is certainly the topic of the month. But I am not going to comment on it. Well not much. Funnily I have two good friends who live nearby who are gay. They are males and they used a surrogate mother to give them a daughter. They have a great daughter and they raise her very well. But they are not trans. They are gay men of the type that we are used to seeing. Good guys. Intelligent and sensible. But someone has called these two psychopaths. Is that fair? It can't be. It is cruel. It is transphobic. It is sexist and biased and all the other bad things that people say about the LGBTQ community. It is the reactionaries speaking. The mainstream who hate the fringe people, the outsiders. A couple of women or a couple of men in a good relationship can raise kids very well and certainly to a standard that is as good as married couples. BUT there is a weakness which is obvious: in the former th