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Kitteh chooses diz guise- Halloween costume?

Siberian kitteh (featured in this YT) sez Hai, I can haz diz Halloween costume? K, thx, bai. Direct link is here (0:20) Siberian cats are a "natural" breed (as are Maine coons and Norwegian forest cats), that is, they evolved as a distinctive type in their natural environment long before humans intervened to direct their mating. To see what one looks like go here . She's trying to hide in a cardboard box. Hmmmm... maybe it's a "hiding from predators" behavioral instinct. And, for more background information about history of the Siberian cat, and more great pictures go to this extensive article at Pictures of Cats.

Kitteh mirror Ka-thunks are addictive

Oh my, here's another one. And this is just an itty bitty kitteh. Direct link is here (1:14)

Different kitteh, same generic mirror- Ka-thunk!

In response to an earlier post Cats Do Not Understand Mirrors Ka-thunk!" , Phoenician in a Time of Romans said "I'm pretty sure the kitteh is trying to figure out which one of them is dominant - not particularly easy when dealing with a mirror...". That comment got me to go look for more kitteh YTs with mirrors. Amazingly, I found one that shows a different kitteh, Ragdoll not Bengal, and in a different household, but same behavior, in front of the same type of full wall mirror. Behavior- kitteh fluffing up and arching his back to look bigger. And, another "ka-thunk"! And, growling. Direct link is here (0:51) Human says: Here's our American Ragdoll kitten, Mr. Bigglesworth, wigging out on his own reflection in the mirror. He's about 6 weeks old in this video. Mr. B only did this crazy thing with the mirror for about two weeks after we got him. After that, I guessed he learned the reflection was not a threat (LOL). He was kinda 'psycho'

Miu Miu the cat handles the shower tap

In comment to an earlier post, Marion in Savannah said: I live in fear of a kitteh who solves the doorknob problem, however. Hoover is working on it from several angles... Oh Marion, I have so many YTs in my library of cats opening doors. Including a few of kittehs opening doors that have round doorknobs. Please don't let Hoover watch YouTubes, especially this one. This kitteh can turn on the shower tap. Direct link is here (1:43) Human says: "Miu Miu and Gut Gut love drinking water fresh from the tap. Now they don't need my help to turn the tap on!!"

If I were this cat, I'd think humans are damn strange

I've never owned a "purebred" cat, and I've never been to a cat show. I've watched several YTs of kittehs getting judged at cat shows, and mostly they look like travails for the cat. But, apparently this show thing is an important part of being a Human who breeds cats. Not so sure it's very nice for the kitteh. But, I have to congratulate this Maine coon on taking the high road. She pretty much ignores the whole mess. And some perspective, from my readings-- many breeds of kittehs, including Maine coons, are subject to genetic diseases, and professional breeders do a good job of testing their kittehs, and making sure that the genetic diseases are not passed along. Maine coons can suffer from hip dysplasia and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. For more info, go to this page from Pictures of Cats Cat show in Norway Maine coon Biloxi's Jewel being judged. Direct link is here (3:24)

More kitteh water love- Emmett showers in the laundry sink

Another water loving kitteh.. Direct link is here (1:43) Human says: "My cat, Emmett, likes to "shower" in the laundry sink."

The Great Pumpkin Feast- Yummy!

As part of the occasional, continuing series about weird things kittehs eat... Direct link is here (3:56) Human says: Merlin the cute kitty cat eats a pumpkin. Merlin also eats tomatoes, burritos, eggs, spicy Pad Thai, berries, asparagus, steak, and pizza boxes.

Vinski giving a tummy rub to his brother Ukko

These are Norwegian Forest cats, a natural or traditional cat breed that has a centuries-old history in Norway as domestic pets. It is generally agreed that they were part of the founder lineage of the Maine coon, another natural cat breed. There aren't too many YouTubes of Norwegian Forest cats that actually show them close up. At a distance they look quite like Maine coons, and their behavior seems quite similar. These YTs are the first I've found that allowed me to see the difference- which is mostly in the shape of the head and face. And, these are just sweet, beautiful kittehs. Ooohhh... listen to the Purring. I really like kitteh YTs with music. Especially with kitteh music. :) Direct link is here (0:22) And a longer tummy rub...Direct link is here (1:04) Here's a YT that has lovely pictures and music and tells briefly the story of the Norwegian Forest cat. Direct link is here (1:59) Above YT was made by the person who publishes/writes the Pictures of Cats

Cats in High Places- Kitteh Nonpariel

I previously did a series of posts about "cats in high places" wherein I chose Bronze, Silver and Gold medals for kittehs in high places (kittehs on doors). Kittehs were judged by Attitude and Aptitude. But, in my research, I somehow missed this cat athlete nonpariel. Doors? Nah. This Bengal kitteh shoots for the stars/ rafters. Direct link is here (2:21)

Contrary to popular opinion, some kittehs lurve water

Direct link is here (1:45) This is the first installment of an occasional series. Oh, my, I have been researching this topic, like, forever. But this particular Bengal cat in the bathtub captured my attention! No doubt at all about the water thing. The tap is running. Watch teh kittehs legs carefully to see the water level get higher and higher!

In the Hall of the Mountain King

I love kitteh YouTubes with purrfect music. The original YT didn't have music, but I just HAD to add some, to set the mood. Direct link is here (1:21) As the Human says in the original , "Maximus opening a drawer to get his toys and whatever else he finds entertaining".

Cats Do Not Understand Mirrors Ka-thunk!

Further evidence that cats Do Not Understand Mirrors. Ka-thunk! Part of an occasional, continuing series. Part 1 is here . Direct link is here (0:50)

Epic Fail- kitteh tries to get ice cube

Epic Fail. The best part of this YT is the first 46 secs, which includes a slo-mo replay of the key event, featuring Zico the Bengal kitteh. Direct link is here (2:30) I won't repeat what the Human says in comments, because that would give it away! If you watch til the end, you will see that Bengal kitteh has a certain look. Kinda a glare. ;) imho, woulda been much better if the Human had yelled "It's a wrap" at 0:46. But, them kitteh owners luvs them kittehs! p.s. One commenter at YT very astutely notes "Zico even did the "I don't care" casual scratch after ....." Hehe! Keen eye for kitteh behavior, that commenter! p.p.s. Marion in Savannah, another astute observer of kitteh behavior, notes in the comments "My kittehs don't usually do the "I don't care" scratch. They're much more prone to do the "I did that on purpose to amuse you" shoulder wash." LOL! True, that. I see another YouTube rese

Cardboard box problem for kitteh- too small!

Direct link is here (0:48) p.s. This is a Siberian cat, a "natural breed". For more about the fascinating history of this cat, and lovely pictures, go to the site Pictures of Cats , which I quote below: ~~The breed originates in Russia, where he/she is as ordinary and ubiquitous as the "moggie" mixed breed cat. On exporting this breed to the West (in 1990) she has been bred as a pure-bred cat and registered by the CFA in 2000 (very recently in cat history terms). The history of this cat in Russia, though, is very long, going back 1000 years according to the CFA.~~

Some VERY silly cats, and great jazz piano

Oh my, this is is a keeper! Direct link is here (2:26) The music is Honky Tonk Train Blues by Meade Lux Lewis from the Smithsonian Collection of Jazz Piano volume 1. And, here's another great version, featuring Keith Emerson and the incomparable Oscar Peterson, from "Oscar Peterson's Piano Party, 1976". Direct link is here (3:07) More about the composition is here . Snippet:~~The history of Honky Tonk Train is a microcosm of the history of boogie woogie piano. It was originally recorded the year before the recording of Pinetop's Boogie Woogie. This original recording sparked the interest of John Hammond in boogie woogie. Hammond sought Meade Lux Lewis for years, and finally found him working in a car wash. Hammond put Lewis in Carnegie Hall (with Ammons and Johnson) for the Sprituals to Swing concerts of '38 and '39. Lewis performed Honky Tonk Train at both of these concerts, and these concerts led to the boogie woogie craze of the 1940's.~~ More a

I iz in yer water supply, attackin yer ferret

Direct link is here (1:41) or: I iz in yer water supply, protectin myself from yer ferret? You judge.

Here we haz inexplicable kitteh video

Direct link is here (0:36)

Gary the horse riding cat is a long tall Texan

Direct link is here (1:38) Direct link is here (2:33) Above is Beach Boys recording. Lyrics are here . Yeah, I guess that's okay, because they didn't mean "that one", if yanno what I mean. That "all hat, no cattle" commander guy, via the brilliant darkblack .

More Bunny Love- Cat Adopts Rabbit

Direct link is here (0:56)

The cat which it tries probably to enter into the television*

Direct link is here (4:00) Longish video with slow story development, sit back and enjoy. As I was watching I was thinking "this cat is trying to find a way into virtual reality". And then I translated the title from Japanese to English. LOL! And, as someone pointed out in the YT comments, the cat is watching a "family video"- cat family, that is. *YouTube title translated via Babelfish

Cat steals post

Direct link is here (1:46) Cats do stuff. Cats steal stuff. They steal garden gloves, for example. Harking back to the "Engineer's Guide to Cats" this video has a bad aspect ratio. I tried to fix that but I couldn't. Sry.

Theo the Hair Stylist

Direct link is here (1:01) Human says: "Theo the cat is a trained hair stylist specializing in the male up-do." No info on this, but looks to me like Theo the cat is a Maine coon. I've been watching them on YouTubes for quite a while, and seems to me that they are always quite purposeful aka "I have a plan" in their behavior. Yes, this cat does seems to have an agenda/ plan. An unusual one, though! Update: I found some other YTs of Theo, and Yes, he is a Maine coon kitteh.

How to give your cat medicine- ideas for my friend David aka TRex

Dear David, I just read about your kitteh travails via your blog . I know how much you love those kittehs. I haven't had to give cats medicine, but I thought your cause called out for a response asap. I looked at various YouTubes, and also did a bit of the google. Info follows, first starting with two YouTubes. The first seems like it might work. Very clever, in fact. The second, maybe not, because you have a smart kitteh or two. As to the first method, the Human says: "Having spent years observing others force feed their cats tablets, often wrestling them to the floor and getting bitten, I thought I would share this simpler method with those who don't want to fight their cat." Direct link is here (1:30) This was only posted 4 days ago on YT, btw. The following is a more conventional method. Kitteh might already have learned to resist, so this is fwiw. Direct link is here (1:13) I also did a bit of googling, and found these interesting ideas, which are from t

The Tomato Thief- Tomatoes- Yummy!

My YouTube research reveals that cats like to eat tomatoes. This is the best of the bunch, so far. And, nice music too! Direct link is here (1:45) Human says: "The story of one cat and a tomato"

Gray and Fuschia Fur, Purring

If only I were a cat. Sigh. Then a fuschia furry rug would be good for comfort. Direct link is here (1:16)

An Engineer's Guide to Cats

Direct link is here (6:57) Human comment: "Two professional engineers illustrate the proper care and practical benefits of cats. None of the cats, humans, or engineers were mistreated in the making of this film. They were however, slightly annoyed." Very astute and funny video. DO NOT, however, feed your cats canned tuna all the time. It is bad for them. The odd treat is fine I'd say.

Rabbit and Cat love- aahhh

Direct link here . (1:19) Human says: "My female bun Noisette and my oldest male cat, Tigger. These two love to be together:) Song is: Dream a little Dream of me by The Mamas and The Papas."

I is hidin. You no seek.

Direct link to above (0:57) Direct link to above

The cat which has popularity strangely in the dog

(1:23) Direct link here , and Babelfish translation of text on YT page

The cat which fights with the enemy which is not visible*

The cat which it tries to catch the wind which comes out of the exit cone of the air purification machine* (1:23) Direct link to YouTube . Babelfish translation from Japanese to English . Babelfish is not perfect, but in this case it was very helpful! *title of YouTube and human comment translated via Babelfish. p.s. hmmm.... seems like there may be some deep metaphor...

Cheetahs Purr- and are on the verge of extinction

Yes, well, that's not a great title for a "feel good" kitteh blog. But, the upside is that awareness of their precarious situation is important in doing what we can to save this wonderful big cat. I stumbled on to this information when I was searching for great YouTubes of cats purring. As far as I have been able to find out, cheetahs are the only big cats that purr. And, along with that, they have a loving disposition. [Update- cougars also purr- h/t to "Pictures of Cats" site owner for that info.] Five links here- first two are YTs from a game ranger- I'd guess from Namibia, home of these big cats. Third and fourth links are from a site (best I've found) that describes why cheetahs are endangered, and what can be done to help. Fifth link is from the main site where I got the cheetah information, and has the Very Best Cat Pictures . All of the $ that this site earns go to several cat charities around the world. Cheetahs purring and grooming t

How to keep the kitteh entertained

How to keep the kitteh entertained while you do other stuff- some suggestions... Well, if you aren't really that interested in your local soccer/football team (because they suck), but want to keep an ear out, and do some reading for work without having the kitteh mess with your papers, do this (0:50): On the other hand, if you want watch a Green Bay Packers game, but don't feel like petting the kitteh at the same time, here's an idea (0:20)(cat watching fan):