Asexual woman identifies as a kitten more or less 24/7 and lives with a respectful man

The video explains it all. I think it is a cute and warm relationship. Everyone has their own way of living and if it harms no one leave them alone and respect them. 

She gets criticised which she finds unnecessary and hurtful but puts up with it. He is a very tolerant and loving bloke who fully accepts Abigail's desire to act as a kitten. He feeds her as if she is a kitten. 

Her cat ears give her confidence as does Adam's respectful approach to her unusual behaviour. She sits in a cat bed in the kitchen while he prepares some food.

Respect is the keyword. He says that he likes sex which is the exact opposite to her. 'Asexual' means: not involving sexual activity, feelings, or associations; non-sexual. She finds Adam attractive. Adam finds her very attractive. He thinks she is gorgeous.

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It is a good relationship. The acid test is whether it has legs. Will be become tired of the role play after a couple of years or so. If it lasts that long. I hope it does because they make a nice couple.

She's the first person I have 'met' on the internet who identifies as a cat 24-7 and lives like it as best she can while being human!

And they have real cats in the home too. That's a slight added complication.

I don't know if a psychiatrist would suggest that Abigail has mental health problems. I don't think she has or she might have borderline mental health issues. She might lack confidence and because of that wants to be cared for like a cat 24-7 which is why she identifies as a kitten.

Adult domestic cats have kitten minds as they are cared for all the time by humans as if they are kittens. I think Abigail has a need to be cared for. She might have a problem with growing up and taking responsibility with living a normal human life which can be tough.

Perhaps she wants to avoid growing up and facing the world. If that is correct, I can sympathise and understand why.

She wouldn't be the first person who doesn't want to grow up. She's just achieved her goal through a very unusual route.


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