Family Man Sylvester Stallone grooms his Scottish Fold dilute calico cat

Sylvester Stallone is about to star in a Paramount streaming series about his family life. And low and behold we see him grooming his Scottish Fold dilute calico cat with a brush or comb. He is seen tidying up his cat's tail. 

The cat meows half in complaint but I sense he is gentle even though he is a bit of a hulk. He has a dog too who he feeds at the dinner table on his food and surrounded by a bevy of glamorous women, one of whom I presume is his wife. He likes his ladies. A lot. And they love him.

The bit where he grooms his cat appears at 0.18 seconds in.

He's a bit vain (a lot of vanity?) as he is irremediably attracted to cameras. He likes to be videoed and photographed which points to a belief that he is attractive to the girls and has the associated confidence to exploit it.

I like Stallone. I like the films - or at least some of them - that he has made or starred in. 

Now for the disclaimer. I have said that he has a dilute calico Scottish Fold. His cat is definitely a dilute calico aka tortoiseshell-and-white. 

The cat's ears are semi-flat which clearly suggests Scottish Fold but not a great example as the best Folds have ear flaps close-lying to the head.

Perhaps the ears flaps are in the process of flattening. Folds are not born with flat ears! They fold over during the first 3-4 weeks of life due to a genetic mutation which weakens the ear flap cartilage.

It is nice to see Stallone liking animals including cats. I think he lives in a 35-million-dollar estate in Palm Beach, Florida. Also, nice.

One last point: Stallone is into appearance over health as the Fold is a breed which should not in truth exist as the Germans call its creation 'torture breeding'.

Click this to read about that if you are interested.


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