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Woman who broke into cat shelter believed to have eaten animal meds and whiteout

Location: LIVINGSTON, Texas (KTRK). Place: the SPCA shelter in Polk County. Shelter workers shaw the woman passed out on the floor of the shelter when they entered. She had cut her hair, and they believe that she had eaten some animal meds and some whiteout (presumed to mean the correction fluid).  Her clothes were on inside-out. She has caused $2,000 of damage. All the cats where in the building but outside their cages. No cats were harmed.  ASSOCIATED PAGE:  Tackle youth mental health to reduce cat abuse crimes Comment : It is sad. I feel sorry for the woman. She seems to be troubled and on a mind-altering substance of some sort. The indication is that she has animal welfare at heart. I hope that she is treated and not punished. Woman broke into animal shelter. Repairs. Screenshot.

What is a harlequin cat?

A  harlequin cat is a cat with a predominantly white coat and a few colour-patches. The picture shows you: Harlequin cat. Photo: Buzzfeed Harlequin cats are not a cat breed. We are describing a type of cat coat. The pattern is caused by the white-spotting gene (piebald gene) which masks the cat's true colour. It usually appears in irregular patches. favouring the lower parts of the body.  Associated:  White spotting gene charts Other variants of white and black cats caused by the white spotting gene are: Mitted: white paws Locket: white patch on chest Buttons: several small white belly-patches Bicolour: half white and half coloured in patches Harlequin: as mentioned above Van: white coat with inverted V colour patch on the top of the head near the ears and on the tail Tuxedo: black cat with white legs, underside and chest or just a white chest Jellicle cat: black and white cat sometimes called jellicle cat.