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Street cats in Japan by brilliant photographer toru umeda

Japanese street cats- want to see the best photos ever? By a totally dedicated Japanese photographer? Warning: for whatever reason the links aren't clickable in post, unless you click on title to open full post. Aack. Blogger.... This is toru umeda, from his flickr profile, here . He says: ~~Hello! I take the photograph of the street cats with iPhone 3GS every day. Towns where I often visit are Shibuya, Kabukicho, Ginza, Roppongi, Nakano.It usually is early morning.~~ Go check out his photo stream at flickr, here . To the left is one of his latest photos. But all are wonderful. Brilliant, in fact. toru has a gift for photography, plus technology, as he uses iPhone and not some fancy camera. Update July 2014: he appears to have upgraded to a Canon EOS 6D. Here are two more larger pictures: