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Shouldn't search engines be public bodies?

Google run the internet. Everything they do is based on profit. I accept that and it is laudable because Google is a company, a business. The trouble is they should be a public body because they find websites on their search engine. Many websites depend on them for success. Should a business be in such a position? Shouldn't search engines be public bodies? If you essentially run the internet because you happen to be the biggest commercial enterprise on the internet, it begs the question whether you should run the internet. Because they are a commercial enterprise they want fresh websites to come through. Why do they want fresh websites? Because humankind, who are the users, seeks fresh stimulus all the time. Humankind is bored and it demands entertainment. The internet is about information and entertainment. So Google downgrades long established sites unless they churn out fresh stuff at the rate of knots. The only sites that survive are those that constantly refresh themse