Aussie influencer loses her influence after confessing that she killed two cats as a child

NEWS AND VIEWS: I don't know about you, but I am sick to death of hearing about Instagram influencers. I think they are a bad development. Why should these people influence others? What gives them the right to think they can influence others? But they do because their young followers are gullible.

In this story, an Australian influencer living in Sydney is facing a backlash. She disclosed during a jokey podcast that she had killed two cats when she was a child. She was nine years of age when she killed the first cat accidentally, she says.

Her name is Emma Claiir. You wonder whether the surname is made up as a lot of what they do is made up.

She made the confession in her podcast called Simply Chaotic. I agree: it seems to have been chaotic.

She was asked to disclose a secret and she told her co-host: "I killed my cat."

She then chuckled as if it was amusing and continued: "I didn't mean to. I was young. I was a child. I was swinging my cat around. Like I was thinking it was just a stuffed toy. And I accidentally let go of it."

She claims that the cat died from fright rather than injury. I'm not sure about that. In fact, I would very much doubt it.

She added: "I just want to say, I'm giggling about it now, but this happened years and years and years ago."

She claims, it seems to me, that as a child she was entitled to behave in a stupid way which regrettably caused the death of her cat at the time.

But the story isn't as straightforward as that. She also admitted to killing her best friend's cat by accident as well. We don't know how she achieved it.

There was a social media backlash because Emma uses social media to promote herself. She has many followers and therefore they have the opportunity to become disgruntled at her behaviour.

Emma was an ambassador for make-up brand MCoBeauty (yes, that is spelt correctly). She is no longer because they've dropped having heard the podcast.

They said:

 "It has come to our attention that Emma Claiir recently relayed a story on her podcast discussing an incident of animal cruelty from her childhood. We were dismayed by the story, and will no longer be working with Emma in the future."

Emma started to backtrack and try and explain what went on and was forced to apologise. She suggested that her critics should be less sensitive about her giggling when recalling the incident. She seems to have thought it was a bit of light humour. I'm afraid not Emma.

And she sent a message to her Instagram followers:

"To the people offended by my story in today's Simply Chaotic episode that I just shared. It happened 21 years ago. I was a small child. Accidents happen and you all need to chill."

As one commenter stated, "Not sure, I would consider a conversation about killing two cats to be a bit of light humour".

The argument is that as a nine-year-old child she should have known better. Perhaps we can blame her parents for failing to ensure that she handled the cat properly.

My personal thoughts are that, as mentioned, Instagram influences and influencers in general are highly overinflated. I don't think that they are good for humankind. I think they help to harm young girls emotionally. They set ideals which are impossible to achieve because they fake things. They are unworthy of being followed and admired. Quite the opposite actually. They set bad standards for living in my opinion.

And this woman looks hopeless to me. Fakey and flaky. To giggle about killing two cat is ridiculous and frankly unforgivable. It tells us that she does not take it seriously enough. And she calls the cat "it". This is a sign that she doesn't really relate to her companion animals as sentient beings. She is actually with a dog right now but I would doubt that she is doing a good job looking after him or her.


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