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The sheer destructive force of some domestic cats

The sheer destructive force of some domestic cats is not deliberate or malicious but entirely accidental! They live in human homes where their natural activities can cause destruction. It is the humans' fault. That's their argument and it is a good one. This is all about 'no fault activity'.  When you are such a good athlete and so active you are bound to break something in the human home. And if you are denied the pleasure of hunting prey and killing it, you are bound to destroy the toilet roll out of sheer entertainment. And when you are massive inquisitive you are bound to rip all the clothes from a drawer (particularly if you have a huge sense of smell and the clothes smell interesting). Aren't I clever? Screenshot.

I love feeding wild birds but how can I make sure my cats won't hunt them?

A perennial question for a cat owner and bird lover is "I love feeding wild birds but how can I make sure my cats won't hunt them?" One veterinarian advises to lock your cat inside the home while you feed the birds. Not great because once cats are used to using the cat flap, they become confused when it is suddenly and inexplicably locked. They might even harm themselves trying to force their way through it and damage the device. Image: MikeB Perhaps the best way to do it is to feed the birds when your cat is almost guaranteed to be asleep and/or have a bird feeder which cannot be accessed by a domestic cat. Asleep The question is based on the fact that we are discussing indoor/outdoor cats with cat flap access. These cats, being crepuscular and night-time hunters are going to be tired and sleepy in the middle of the day or whatever their personal body clock dictates. Their owner will know of these moments as cats are creatures of habit.  That's probably the best time

Frozen solid kitten (apparently dead) revived

This is an astonishing and slightly disturbing video to watch at the beginning. I was unsure that I'd watch it, but I was interested in seeing what happened. I haven't watched the whole video, but it starts horrendously and finishes delightfully. It is actually not that bad and quite watchable. I don't know how this kitten survived and was brought back to life from a solid block apparently dead. The kitten was clearly solid and devoid of movement and apparently life. But heart massage was administered, and warmth gently applied together with fluids and bingo he/she came back.  I've never seen an example of near-death revival like this before. Here is the TikTok video. It may disappear and if so, I apologise. @luckycat2333 Kitty rescue story #cat #catlover #specialneedscat #helpcats #rescuecat #homelesscat #kitty #fyp #foryou ♬ You Are The Reason - Alex Porat