People who hate or are scared of cats live with one for a week and a flat-faced cat eating problem

This is a 'smile on your face' video. It's almost too good to be true but it looks genuine and if so great. The cats seem to have been well chosen as they settle in very quickly. But there is a more interesting story within the story. Please read on.

Flat-face cat eating problems!

There is one interesting little segment in the video which caught my eye. The flat-faced cat in the video which looks like a Persian had a problem when eating. And it's a problem which I hadn't really recognised before but this new cat owner immediately saw it.

Because the Persian and Exotic Shorthair don't have a muzzle which protrudes out of their face in the usual way, they have to put their entire face into the food bowl which means the face as a whole is making contact with the food if the food is flat to the bowl which it normally is.

The woman who is taking care of the cat remarks that she will have to clean his face. She's right, she will. Because it is covered in gravy! He enjoyed his food but this seems to be a problem with feeding Persian cats and Exotic Shorthair cats.

My quick research indicates that you might have to get a special bowl for a Persian cat (but see below)! This is because the sides of the bowl will contain some uneaten food and that can be deposited on the cat's face as well. 

Or the food has to be piled up in a pyramid! Each time. That would fix it but what a palaver.

Or you have to buy a special bowl. On second thoughts don't even bother buying a bowl. Use a plate, an entirely flat plate so that there is no contact between the sides of the face, the whiskers and the edge of the bowl. Even with a flat plate to eat off I suspect that it is almost certain that some food will be deposited on the face because the whole of it has to be right against the food.

This is a Persian and Exotic Shorthair cat problem that is not spoken about a lot!

One Persian cat owner, on a pet forum website, reveals the depth of this problem and I am frankly surprised that I have not heard about it or seen it before. They said:
My new Persian has a very flat face and a very hard time eating from a regular bowl. I've also tried a saucer and a whisker relief bowl. These made it worse. He pretty much can only eat if the food is piled up in a bowl so that he can eat from the food on top.


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