Woman kidnaps and arranges the castration of another person's domestic cat

NEWS AND COMMENT: This strange event took place in Bulgaria. It appears to concern the behaviour of a local woman who became frustrated about cat owners in the area being irresponsible and not spaying and neutering their domestic cat companions. 

Kidnapping the cat
Kidnapping the cat. Image: Dobromira Stoilova.

And therefore, it appears to me, that she took direct action but in doing so she broke the law although I do not think that she will be prosecuted.

The woman concerned posed as a municipal employee. She kidnapped the cat in the Vetren neighbourhood of Burgas in Bulgaria. She arranged for the cat to be castrated. This must have been a male cat but see note at base of article.

The cat belonged to Dobromira Stoilova who has security cameras. The "municipal employee" can be seen and heard enticing and luring the cat towards her. Despite the intervention of neighbours, she captured the cat and put the carrier into the trunk of her car.

The cat was castrated and returned about four days later. Stoilova had posted a video of the kidnap on social media.

She said that her cat was "quite distressed". She confirmed that the cat had been castrated "very recently". She plans to file a report with the police and give them a copy of the security camera recording.

The woman who temporarily stole the cat said that she did Stoilova a favour because owners are being irresponsible in not castrating and spaying their cats.

It appears that the lady took the cat to a local municipal shelter to perform the castration.

Comment: This is taking the law into your own hands. It's a dangerous thing to do. I can understand the motivation. But technically, depending upon the law of Bulgaria, she has inflicted an injury upon the cat and therefore strictly speaking in my view this is criminal damage of property owned by the lady in question. Therefore, she could be prosecuted and the cat' owner could seek compensation.

But practicalities will intervene and I would not expect any action to be taken by the authorities or by the cat's owner.

Note: the cat shown on the below mentioned website is a tortoiseshell. Torties are almost always female and yet this cat was illegally 'castrated' - the removal of testes. I am confused.

Source: Novinite.com


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