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Maine Coon still nutty for twist tie toys

My Maine coon polydactyl is nutty for twist ties. They are her favorite "prey". When it's time for me to toss the twist ties for her, she makes that very clear. I know her ways by now. She gets that fluffy attack cat look about her, and lets me know. I toss them in the air to land on the bed, and she runs from faraway places to attack them, like a rocket cat. Her hearing is very precise, and she has them in an instant. But, after some time on the bed, the game is for me to toss the twist ties onto the hardwood floor. Oh yes! More captured prey! But, sometimes I hear her whapping them about, in the middle of the night. Very resourceful, she is. Oh, and yes she is resourceful! She invented this toy herself! Twist ties- favorite cat toy of my Maine coon Tootsie isn't always an attack cat. Sometimes she is quite composed, and really likes to stare at me. Oh, I got am email from my vets today, along with a "Happy Birthday" card for Tootsie!

Those Maine coon cat eyes

My friend Michael (and tka blog host) has a new entry up at his awesome and high traffic site Pictures of Cats*. It delves into the details of cat anatomy , from whiskers to ears, to noses and beyond, and oh yes, cat eyes. (*note- all proceeds from POC and tka go to fund cat rescue.) So, I'm prompted to post a photo from yesterday of Tootsie my beauty cat Maine coon (who, as it happens, is a rescue cat). I didn't realize until I looked closely at the photo, but amazing eye detail! TY Tootsie. I can almost see where the boundaries of the irises are. And, that purple stuff beyond, which makes her eyes look like the surface of the moon, I'm assuming show the blood vessels that supply the eye. Michael can correct me on that, if needs be. Tootsie, it is clear, has yellow eyes. I've looked hard, hoping they might be green *g*. But, just as when I find an absolutely wonderful Harris Tweed jacket that I might purchase for a friend who is a great lover of such, b

Here, we has cat essence of yawn

Big, Bad, Brady-NOT!! Originally uploaded by pinkelephantcreations I love this amazing photo!