Guy uses crayfish to show how stray cats hunt and it is cruel

Well, I am going to attract disagreement on this one. The video on TikTok is rather strangely described as showing how stray cats survive outside. It does not. It just show us these things:
  • The person doing this is being cruel in placing two live crayfish or large prawns on a motorised buggy to take the animals to the cats to feed on. Do crayfish feel discomfort? Or pain? Do they have emotions? I don't know but it is likely as scientists have confirmed that fish feel pain. The crayfish also died of suffocation because they breathe through gills like fish. So, this person has committed these animals to death in one of two or both ways. Both are cruel and there was no need for it.
  • The cats are naturally cautious about eating the live crayfish as they are jumping about (in discomfort?!!). Cats are naturally cautious when faced with a strange live or dead object. They prod and poke it to check it out and preferably kill it by batting it about the body and head as it is much safer than diving in with the jaws as this means placing the face against the animal. The person claims that the video shows us how cats hunt. Not true. The crayfish are static. They are dying. They don't need to be hunted.
That's it. We don't learn anything else about felines from this video.

The video is embedded here. It may stop working in time and almost certainly will in which case I'll be sorry but I don't control its existence.
@straycarcats This video will show you how stray cats catch living creatures to survive #fyp #feedingthestrays #straycats #cats ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim


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