PETA staffer spots cat in Turkey earthquake rubble and brings him home to Virginia, USA


A brilliant story. The dedication is impressive. And the ending is just how it should be: his cat happy and playing in a safe home where he is loved. His is Alex and his rescue cat is Pisa according to the video.

Pisa sat on his lap on the flight from Turkey to America! No way that he was going to stay in the cat carrier under the seat. And Alex managed to arrange to flight out of Turkey in double quick time and just before CDC in the United States banned the importation of cats from Turkey. 

This was impressive work by Alex and PETA who funded this and other rescue work in Turkey as I understand it.

As the video explains it better than I can, I'll stop there. Here is Alex and Pisa, a screenshot from the video (note that I can't guarantee that the video will work permanently. If it is broken, I'm sorry).


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