8-week-old male kitten carries an unrelated newborn kitten like a mother in his mouth (video)

This looks amazing. An 8-week-old male kitten called Finn carries an unrelated newborn kitten in his mouth just like mother and carries the kitten to a softer more pleasant area. Who said male cats don't get involved in raising young? And the kitten is unrelated as mentioned. So young and male to be behaving like an adult mother seems very strange but loving to me.

Although it is interesting to see that he gets the method slightly wrong. He has his teeth in the side of the neck of the newborn when he should be carrying the kitten by the scruff of the neck. That's just about a lack of experience, I guess. I wonder what Finn will be like when he grows up.

He must have observed his mom who is also in the video and acts as a surrogate to rescued kittens. The video maker, who I guess is in cat rescue, says that the adult female is a very motherly mother. She's a good foster mom. 

Not sure where the video was made but it looks like either the Middle East or Asia maybe Pakistan. Don't really know.

Depending on character but male cats can sometimes get involved in raising young kittens. 

Male and female rural domestic cats behave somewhat like lions.


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