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Cute Pallas's cat kittens born in captivity in the UK

Everybody loves the Pallas's cat ('manul' is the scientific name). This is because they are very cute looking. Although they are a wild cat species and therefore, they won't always be cute if you are thinking of living with one. Very few people actually adopt this wild cat as a pet thankfully but you see quite a lot of them in captivity. The kittens are particularly cute and, in the UK, in captivity, they have managed to breed this cat species. Note: there is always the discussion of whether you say 'Pallas's cat kittens' or 'Pallas's kittens'. As the name of this cat species is 'Pallas's cat' I think my preference is correct. Some people call the cat 'Pallas Cat'. That's technically wrong. And 'cat' should not be capitalised! Complicated. The video was made at the Cotswold Wildlife Park. They managed to get Tull and Penelope to mate to produce their first litter at the park. At the time the video was made the kitt

Owner of two poisoned cats tracked down the criminal

NEWS AND COMMENT - BARGOED, WALES, UK: This is not an untypical story of cat poisoning. It happens all over the world a lot of the time but what I like about this story is that the owner tracked down the criminal who did it. This is quite an unusual outcome because cat poisoners can do their nasty deed in secrecy and it is very hard normally to find the evidence to successfully prosecute these criminals. What were the police doing? Nothing I expect. Owner of two poisoned cats tracked down the criminal. On the left: Ethylene glycol and on the right the laced tuna as found by the cats' owner in the backyard of the poisoner and criminal. Photo: PA. Tristian Paul Pearson, 44, was the criminal. He poisoned his neighbour's cats Luna and Bailey who were owned by a father and daughter two houses down from Pearson. Pearson laced tuna with ethylene glycol and in an act of extreme carelessness (thankfully) he left containers of ethylene glycol and of poisoned tuna in his backyard. When th

Couple bought a house that came with 16 semi-feral cats and they decided to become their parents

2 of the cats snuggle up in their new cat house. Photo: Instagram screenshot. This is a wow story. I love the way this young couple decided to embrace the fact that they had 16 semi-feral cats living in the ground of the home that they'd recently bought. It looks like quite a large plot of land with outbuildings and it appears that the previous owners had allowed a couple of cats to procreate because as you can see, they are all medium-longhaired ginger cats. Well, nearly all of them. I have to say the property is ideal really to care for 16 semi-feral cats with lots of grounds and buildings. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Emily Bott (@freedomfarmhouse) The first thing that this couple did was to sterilise them! And then they set about improving their lives tremendously. It is an act of giving and loving. They didn't have to do this but they took it on and in giving love they have received it and both of them now cannot envisage a life without