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Bengal kittehs fight paper bag

Part of an occasional series on "inexpensive cat toys". *g* Bengal cats fight (uh... destroy) paper bag. (0:59) p.s. wow, what gorgeous kittehs! p.p.s. The direct link is here . I always include the direct link, in case anyone who has a YT account wants to go give some love to the humans who post these great YouTubes. Update: thought it was worth bringing this comment from Marion in Savannah to the front page- very good advice. "As a precaution if I'm going to let kittehs play with shopping bags I clip or remove the handles. You haven't lived until you've had to chase down a freaked out kitteh with her head through the handle tearing around the house with the bag flapping behind her... "

Feline Follies- with the exceptional Fletcher Henderson

I'm always on the lookout for new kittey YouTubes that have something special about them. This one does. While the video quality is ~a B+/A- compared to the most excellent I've seen, the fun of watching the kittehs wrestle and play, plus the great choice of music puts it into the "must post" category for me. I love it when kitty YouTubes have great music, and identify it. So, it's an A+! Human says in comments: "Our cats Nalu (Maine Coon Cat) and Max love to chase and wrestle. I put some of their recent tussles in this video with music from Fletcher Henderson's 'Sugar Foot Stomp'." I hadn't heard of Fletcher Henderson before, but that's my failing. I did teh google. From part of wiki article - and it's worth reading in toto- ~~Henderson, along with Don Redman, established the formula for Swing music. The two concocted the recipe every swing band played from (i.e. sections 'talking' to one another, 'hot' swing

Pancakes- Yummy!

Cat eating pancakes (1:06)

The Unified Catnip Theory Revealed

Okay, here is the Unified Catnip Theory (and rationale) in brief. I'll do a longer post in a day or so that gives more details, with links to the science stuff. Catnip is Nepeta cataria .  The chemical that cats respond to is nepetalactone. It is well documented that nepetalactone is effective as an insect repellent. There is evidence that chemicals from other several other plants, including mint and strawberry (strawberry leaves and stems, not the fruit) also repel insects, and possibly mites and ticks. So, my theory (or more properly hypothesis) is that when cats roll around in catnip (and other such stuff) they are liberally applying a natural insect repellent just everywhere they can manage- all over the fur on face, ears and body.   The reaction is triggered by the smell of nepatalactone (for catnip), or other insect repelling substances from other plants (for mint, strawberry leaves, etc.). Quoted from this link : "Researchers report that nepetalactone, the es

Kitteh loves socks, like catnip

Flash the cat loving on socks (1:00) If you want music, start this first: (2:20) Human says: "My kitty Flash loving on my socks... You'd think they had catnip in them the way she's rolling around and rubbing on it!" Hmmm.... Here is the direct link.

Ahhh... a very talented kitteh

I've been looking for quite a while for YouTube that I really like, showing cats doing "tricks". I chose this one, because Athena the cat is really into it. You will see what I mean, when you watch her wait patiently when trick time is interrupted by a phone call. This the longest YouTube I've ever posted- I try to find videos that are 2 minutes max. This is 5:10 minutes, but Athena does ll kitteh tricks- up, spin, stand, rollover, dead, shake hands, high-five, jump over, jump up, jump down, hit the pom-pom. And, it's a sweet video. The human doesn't say what type of kitteh Athena is, but she sure looks like a Maine coon to me. Maine coons are variously described as "gentle giants", "a tail with a cat attached" and "more like a dog than a cat". I'm not sure I buy the last one, except that they can learn tricks, and love to play fetch! Direct link is here and here's a link to an earlier YouTube when Athena could

More mint evidence for the UCT*

Smokey on mint gum pt. 2 (1:04) Human of Smokey says: this time i gave her the whole package of gum. (in the package). Direct link is here. *Unified Catnip Theory

Cantaloupe- Yummy!

Another installment in the occasional series "What do kittehs eat?" This one's for Marion in Savannah, who has been a faithful presence in the comments sections, and who also has MUCH kitteh experience. She mentioned that one of her cats had loved cantaloupe, to the extent of dragging the rinds out of the trash. Now that was one focused kitteh! None of my cats were into cantaloupe, but research on YouTube reveals that a lot of cats really really like cantaloupe. This is mr. kitty in a cantaloupe-dedicated mood (100% attention): And, this YT is fun (slice of life style) because it documents that of 2 kitteh Bengal siblings, Moe really likes cantaloupe, like yeowling for it, and Joe is totally NOT interested in cantaloupe: Direct links to YTs: here and here.

Tres charmant! Household avec 9 Maine coon kittehs!

ohhh... this is a wonderful YouTube. It's 4 mins long, longer than I normally post, but it's worth every minute. This Swiss household has 9 Maine coons, the special stars being the 6 new Maine coon kittens. Totally sweet! Totally charming! I found this because I was checking out comments at YouTube about another really charming YouTube that I had found, and featured before. C'est ici . And, I had a smile when I saw that one of the 6 new kitties (all with names starting with Z) was named Zizou! Way back when, my FDL pal Punaise had just gotten a new kitteh, and the Punaise household was going back and forth about what to name him. It was during the World Cup. I was rooting for the name Zizou, but, um, that name became a bit notorious. Sigh. The new kitteh in the Punaise household was named "Louis, le chat". Not sure which Louis they had in mind, with that name, though! Some of them are, er... a bit notorious, aussi! Direct link to above, here . ici Louis

The Unified Catnip Theory- part 2

So, I've been wondering why kittehs, uh, "do silly things". Thus was born a continuing research project. Part 1 was about strawberry stems. This, Part 2, is about mint. It's actually pretty hard to find good YTs of cats reacting to mint- one reason is that catnip is also called catmint, so that complicates the search process. For reasons I will explain in due time, after I've presented ALL the data, the fact that cats react to mint in this way makes a huge amount of sense to me. Cat loving mint tea bags Coco prueba la menta Smokey on mint gum Click on these linkys to go directly to the YouTubes above- kitteh#1 , kitteh #2 , kitteh #3 , aka Smokey of strawberry stem fame . Comment of Smokey's human in Part 1 got me interested in mint- human said "my cat also reacts this way when she smells mint gum". And, then, oh wow, human posted a new YouTube showing this (kitteh #3 above). Human of Smokey said: I mentioned in my other cat video that sm

Cheetos- Yummy!

So, those of you who have been following my various kitteh posts will know that one of my YouTube "research interests" is "what do kittehs eat"- particularly, what "weird stuff do SOME kittehs like to eat?" These be unique kittehs. I do a lot of "kitteh research" on YouTube, and I have to admit that the Kitteh Cheeto combo never occurred to me. Ever. But, then, serendipity intervened! So, I bring you this evidence. Cheetos! Even Hot Cheetos. I never would have thunk it! Oh, my. Now this is really disappointing. I was planning to embed both videos, but the owner of the first has posted "embedding disabled by request". Sigh. It is SO frustrating when I have a plan, and then I discover this problem. I really don't understand. Why would someone post at YouTube, to get the vid out in public, and then add "no, no, no"? Thus, I have only one embedded YouTube link. But, it really does stand on its own!

Maine coons first brush with Roomba

Mostly, it's funny when cats do silly things. But sometimes, it's funny when they just don't get involved in human silliness! Human says in YT caption: We bought a Roomba. We have three Maine Coons. I couldn't wait. So, were they impressed? You judge: If you want the direct YT link, it's here. Click on a label below or on list at right for more posts.

The Unified Catnip Theory- part 1

So, I've been wondering why kittehs, uh, "do silly things". Thus was born a continuing research project. The first two kitteh YouTubes don't have music. But, they should! I could rip the YouTubes and add music, but I think that's unfair to the YouTube author. In lieu of that, here's the strategy- (yes, you can watch/ listen to 2 YouTubes at the same time)- If you want music, click on the first YT (thin bar) to start the music, and then click on the kitteh YouTube. This one has music (and it's not the Everly Brothers!) Click on these linkys to go directly to the YouTubes above- Everly Brothers , kitteh#1 , kitteh #2 , kitteh #3 . Now, about this "unified catnip theory" I'm working on? Data so far (verbatim reports), from humans of kittehs above: "strawberries act like catnip"..."Mimi is 4 years old female cat, she loves eating strawberry leave and red grape"..."Smokey rolling around all over the kitchen floor

Kitteh vs. Toy Train

It's pretty clear who won this matchup, but I was laughing so hard I couldn't keep track. Final score? Kitteh 6, Toy Train 1? Kitteh 6, Toy Train O? Or? Expert referees needed, experience preferred. You can also watch directly in YouTube, here .

Love is All You Need

This is a blog about kitteh love. I was searching around on YouTube for a song to go with a kitteh video, and I stumbled on THIS. Again, what else can I say? Click on direct YouTube link here, and then click on "more info" for historical details. p.s. And not to give the game away, but is that MJ in the house? And KR?

Happy tears- a most awesome kitteh story

This is just a wonderful YouTube, telling a story I had somehow missed. There are several other related videos to watch if you want to find out more. Last time I looked, this particular YouTube (posted June 28, 2008) had over: 14 million YouTube hits, 20 thousand ratings (5 star awesome), and 14 thousand comments. What else can I say? More YouTube info here.

Mirror Images- cats and space

I've long wondered about the way kittehs perceive our world, the world we find so "usual". I remember a friend telling me about the kitteh that loved to watch ballet on the telly. And then, would try to find the dancers after they went off screen, looking for them at the side and the back of the telly. And then there's my own experience- kitteh is insistent about going outside, via the back door. But hey, it's snowing out there! Kitteh changes mind about going out via the back door. Then, runs to front door, with same insistence for going outside. But, then, hey it's snowing out there too! As Marion in Savannah has said in comments, it's a challenge to figure out what's going on in a kitteh's mind! Click here to go directly to the YouTube above.

Kitteh loves hair dryer

I've been looking for a while for a really good kitteh video on this topic. Aha! Human says: Our cat loves the shower, but loves the blow dryer even more.

Reprise- one of my first finds- and still a favorite

French Maine Coon kitteh brushes her teeth. I don't plan to reprise YouTubes I've posted very often. Like, almost never. But, this one is just so wonderful, and I found it way back in the days where I was figuring out the basics- like embedding YouTubes. (ouch). This was the first YouTube I linked and then embedded. And, again, h/t to Busted for leading me through the process. So, I'm making an exception and reprising this one- because it was a wonderful moment when I found it, and watching it made me think, well, yes, maybe I CAN do this sweet kitteh blogging thing! And I do love Maine Coon kittehs! And, this is one of those YouTubes that I've watched over and over. Click here if you want to watch directly in YouTube. p.s. I've just discovered that rivercat (YT moniker) breeds Maine coons in France. If you go to rivercat's home page you can find more wonderful pictures of Chiva, and same for other kittehs- click here Click "Maine coons on YouTube&

Ladder Cat- Cats in high places

Another installment in the occasional series "cats in high places". Human says: It never fails: I get out the ladder, he climbs it. Then he chases his tail. cat climbing a ladder Human says: He loves to chase his tail. Especially when perched on surfaces that are too small for him. Yep, he sure does! LOL. Proof!

Kitteh Feather Toy

There are gazillions of YouTubes of kittehs playing with feather toys. I was starting to think, well if you've watched one, you've pretty much watched them all. Of course it's fun to watch kittehs leaping and dancing, but the YouTubes are kinda "samey". Ah, but this one is refreshingly different, and caught my eye. Maine Coon and feather toy. Click "Maine coons on YouTube" label for more great YouTubes of Maine coons.

Corn on the Cob- Yummy!

Another installment in the occasional series "What do kittehs eat?" Of course we know about tuna , and even watermelon , but this was a new one on me. Figaro the Cat Eats Corn on the Cob (1:01 min) p.s. Figaro is a 16 year old Maine Coon. Click "Maine coons on YouTube" label for more great YouTubes of Maine coons.

Shoulder kitteh- epic cuteness

Of course we all know about lap cats. I've been doing YouTube research on shoulder cats. I haven't completed my research but aaaahhhhhhhh..... Nova sitting on Brian's shoulder

Topic: Kitteh Hypnosis- Style: Instructional Video

Kitten Hypnosis I especially like kitteh YouTubes with just the right mix of video and sound (like this one). And, I especially like Maine Coon kittehs! p.s. I have discussed the technique with the human via email. I had a huge laugh. I was not put under oath NOT to reveal the details, or anything like that, but I will leave it to the kittehs' human to reveal or not. Click "Maine coons on YouTube" label for more great YouTubes of Maine coons.

Smallest Room in the House- Final Episode, for now

As promised yesterday, here is the YouTube with a gazillion hits. Any kitteh lover who tracks YouTube has probably watched this video SEVERAL times. I know I have. But, I can watch it again and again, and still get a laugh. It's just one of those "keepers". Gizmo Flushes "Yes, we have a talented cat!" They should thank their lucky stars that Gizmo hasn't also added "unrolling TP" to his/her "talents". Just imagine what a mess that could turn into! p.s. Watch the telling tail movements. I think Gizmo is most unhappy that the water keeps vanishing.

Smallest Room in the House- another episode

Cat flushing toilet No, this is NOT the YouTube of a cat flushing a toilet that has a gazillion hits. But, I do like to celebrate relatively unsung "cat heroes". And, as his human says in the caption, "Welcome to the world of oscar the cat" The cat toilet-flusher with a gazillion YouTube hits will be posted tomorrow. p.s. I just watched this for the umpteenth time, and I am beginning to get the sense that the kitteh is frustrated that the water vanishes.

Kitteh Destroys TP

Cat unrolling toilet paper Well, ya just gotta keep a close eye on those kittehs! You never know what they'll get up to in the smallest room in the house. ;) The human says in the YouTube caption: Stinky loves to unroll the toilet paper. Uh oh, looks like Stinky was alerted to human presence at the end!

Tout le monde veut devenir un chat

Thanks to Punaise of FDL fame for finding this YT for me, and to Coockie's human for info that helped him find it. It's from a Disney cartoon in French- Les Aristochats, and this clip has the song from the post just below- Tout le monde veut devenir un chat . Tres charmant! Merci, beaucoup. (p.s. song is from yesterday's post ) If you want to watch the American version too, link is below. I watched, just to get a sense of the lyrics. Kinda. But, the lyrics really aren't the same at all! I'm sure Punaise would back me up on this. I much preferred the French version. It seemed so much more "cat like"! Hmmm... maybe because when spoken in a certain way, la langue fran├žaise sounds a lot like PURRING! YouTube link English (American) version: Everybody Wants to be a Cat!

Le chat- charmant et drole

I am always checking for the latest kitteh YouTubes, and my first search is always for "Maine coons". I found this charming and funny video a week ago, but I already had posts in the queue. Otherwise, I would have posted it immediately. Unfortunately, I don't understand much of the song apart from "les chats" and "les pattes", but kitteh love is a universal language. maine coon Click "Maine coons on You Tube" label for more great YouTubes of Maine coons. I contacted Coockie's human via email, including both my broken French and a more elegant version, courtesy of my friend Punaise of FDL fame. Merci, Punaise! The human of Coockie was kind enough to respond to my email (in better French than mine!). The song is from "Les Aristochats" (more on that later, I promise!). "Tout le monde devrait devenir un chat" (~everybody should become a cat). Et merci en particulier a Coockie's "human" pour indulging my

Gold medal- Cats on Doors

And... the Gold medal goes to Mr Bailey. Attitude AND Aptitude. Mr Bailey is an expert door jumper. His human said that Mr Bailey has been doing this almost daily since he was about 8 months old. But, what really gave him the Gold by my criteria was this: he is totally in a state of bliss. Two YouTubes here, to capture both- Mr Bailey having fun A very happy cat . Human YouTube caption to above is "Finally able to capture how Bailey reaches the top of the door".