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Silver medal- Cats on Doors

The Silver medal goes to LY. YouTube caption: LY jumps from the bathroom sink countertop to the top of the bathroom door. Hil & LY in bathroom

Bronze medal- Cats on Doors

I've been spending a lot time checking out YouTubes of "Cats on Doors"- another YouTube subculture of merit. I've made my choices as to my favorites, and decided to award Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to the top three. If there were a Cat Olympics, this should definitely be one of the top events. And, the Bronze medal goes to Bella, the Bengal cat- Bengal Cat Agility .

Cat Herding- in case you missed it...

One of the best commercials, ever! Enjoy. Cat Herders

Another Smart Maine Coon Kitteh

Another smart Maine coon Kitteh- just watch how long teh kitteh was able to keep the human entertained- by playing Chinese checkers. My smart Maine coon cat Click "Maine coons on YouTube" label for more great YouTubes of Maine coons.

Leo - The Amazing Cat Daddy

Ahhh... Leo the Cat deserves a Kitteh Medal. Leo's human says, via the YT caption: My male cat Leo adopts a new born kitten found in trash. Leo - The Amazing Cat Daddy

Cats in High Places

I went looking for "cats on doors", but this turned up, and deserved a post on its own. Mr Bailey loves being on top of the rail at the top of the tub/ shower enclosure. We got some serious rail luv goin' on there! Mr Bailey having fun -part 2 I contacted Mr Bailey's human (via email), just to make sure it was okay to give Mr Bailey this kind of press. And, I also wanted to know if I had heard correctly- that Mr Bailey is, indeed, PURRING. His human responded: I checked with Mr Bailey, and he has no qualms with being on your blog. You do hear him purring in that video, and the videos where he does some of the same stunts on a folding door that separates our kitchen and dining room. He is a constant delight, and he refuses to allow our lives to be boring for a single moment. Yep, I had already found YTs of Mr Bailey on top of the folding door, but I'm saving those for later!

Cats and Gloves

I happened to remember this from my kitteh memory bank: Photo caption: Willy, a 1-year-old cat is photographed, July 20, 2006, with a display of several pairs of garden gloves that he took from unknown yards in his neighborhood in Pelham, N.Y. Willy has brought home nine pairs of gloves and five singles over several weeks laying them on his owners' front or back porches. Sign says: "Our cat is a glove snatcher. Please take these if yours." I enlarged and Photoshopped the sign earlier, as seen here . Here are two different links to the original article- Cat burglar steals garden-gloves and Feline felon suspected in glove thefts . Must read for any kitteh lover. That set me on course to do some YouTube delving. And, I found another kitteh glove stealer. Human says in caption: Bartleby is a strange cat, he just can't get enough of my gloves. He steals them from me and eats the tops of the fingers. This YouTube is longer than the ones I usually post- 3:45 - but I

Topic: Bubble Wrap- Style: Reality TV

Iris captures bubblewrap The human says in the caption: Iris the bengal cat finds some bubble wrap and carries it around the docks in Victoria, B.C. p.s. This is 2:24 long. I usually try to find YTs that are only about a minute long- but if longer, worth watching the whole thing- and this one is. ;)

Kittehs just do things like this

I really like discovering YouTubes that document natural kitteh behavior. My Cat Meets the Blinds In the YouTube caption, Koshka's human says: "Koshka loves looking outside. Sometimes she can't seem to figure out how to properly avoid pesky Venetian blinds".

We Interrupt Regular Programming for NEWS FLASH!!!

More to come, I promise. Watch for the text news on your cell phone. You'll be the FIRST to know... Yeah, something got into me... And, after I calm down, I really will give you the full story. Sometime soon, I hope.

Episode #1 of: "Uh, is this something we need to know?"

And, moving right along from the sublime (Dave) to the tasteless (IMO) Cat eats with fork and chopsticks Having watched a lot of kitteh videos on YouTube, I have formed certain preferences and opinions. I found this one a good while back, while I was checking out key words like "cat" and "eat". Background research for what odd things kittehs will eat. I just didn't know what to do with this particular YT video. Post it or not? After a lot of thought, and having watched the video several times, I finally decided to post it. My view is that should be assigned to the category "Kitteh Exploitation". Am I totally off base here? This YT has gazillions of "hits". Thumbs up, or thumbs down?

Dave and the Straw

I am so in love with Dave the Maine coon kitteh! That is some special cat. I featured Dave in an earlier post: Dave the Cat Playing Fetch . Here's another installment: Dave and the Straw I told Dave's human (via email): I loved watching his face when you kept defeating him. Ears back, eyeball glare saying "okay- stop messing with me". And, Dave's human responded: the look on dave's face: priceless. thats my fav part of that video when he looks at me like that. Hmmm... nice to know that I got some "kitteh aptitude" (grinning widely). Click "Maine coons on YouTube" label for more great YouTubes of Maine coons.

Another car lovin' Kitteh

Maybe I should have said "Kitteh love with steering wheel. cat driver car

News Flash! Some Kittehs love riding in the car

Yep! I had a kitteh who loved to ride with me in the car. Mostly, she rubbed my ankles. Very dangerous. Once, on a trip to the vet, she got between me and the brake pedal. Thankfully I was only going ~25 MPH on a country road, and being the good driver that I am, no damage ensued. This particular YouTube kitteh, however, seems to have a better sense of priorities: Bengal rides in Car(truck)

Dave the Cat Playing Fetch

I'm having fun looking for "sleeper" kitteh YouTubes- videos that don't have a gazillion hits like (fanciful title) "The Absolute BEST A1 Cat Video EVER", but videos that any dedicated kitteh lover will enjoy. Here's one (see below) I've watched over and over: Dave the Cat Playing Fetch . And, some extra information from the YouTube comments- Dave's human notes that it's not Dave meowing in the video, but Helen the Cat. Look carefully and you'll see her crouching at the left of the dishwasher. Pretty "subtle" the way Dave makes it clear that fetch time is over, eh? ----- Update, human of Dave and Helen left a comment: "Helen was born in around 1993 and died in my garden last august 21st. :( i still miss her and so does dave." I already knew this, because I had also watched his very sweet YouTube about Helen the Cat- Day in the Life of Helen (1992-2007) . Anyone who loves kittehs knows how hard it is to lose them

Devoted to you- some Kitteh shoe lovin'

Mr Big and the Shoe The full song: The Everly Brothers - Devoted to You

Turbo Scratcher Subculture

A totally sweet kitten kitteh. That's as far as I'm goin- no more spoilers! Tom and The Turbo Scratcher And, after you've watched that, go check out the totally awesome work of Turbo Scratcher Master "Jumpin Jack Flash", an orange Maine coon, with backup by "Cody", a black Maine coon (the mellow one, so says his "owner") and Teddy, who looks crazy high on catnip. Available here in one of my first posts. Also includes a YouTube of Mick Jagger, along with the other usual suspects, performing to the same music. Hmmm.... Keith Richards/Cody or Cody/Keith Richards? Well, that does sorta work on the "cat has nine lives" level.

Chadwick plays fetch

Chadwick the Maine coon kitten plays fetch A keeper! Click "Maine coons on You Tube" label for more great YouTubes of Maine coons.

Kitteh bathrobe lickin'

Uh, so, apparently SOME kittehs lick bathrobes. My Weird Cat Licking a Bathrobe . Now this is just damn strange. But, hey!, why have kittehs anyway? Entertainment value, methinks, among other things. In the case of this kitteh YouTube, it was a snap to figure out the sound track that the author added, or at least one version thereof. That would be Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On live in Montreux 1980 . p.s. I heard it through the grapevine . If yanno what I mean.

Can Can Kittehs

I loved the original version of this, but it just called out for music! So, I added music. )  UPDATE : There was a video here. It was uploaded by Valley Girl who used to run this blog. The video appears to have been pulled by YouTube which is why doesn't show on this page.  I tried to find the video which I believe is of kittens doing the cancan but I don't know exactly what it is. I know people have come to this page via Google and they I had been disappointed because there's nothing to see :) .  I apologise for this but you know videos on YouTube are often deleted because they are often in violation of their policies and/or copyright. That's why embedding videos on websites such as this one is a risky business because they have a lifespan which can be quite short.  Here is a video of kittens set to music as a kind of substitute. This video has been around on YouTube since 2015 so I expect it to be there for the next five years as well!  

Kitteh toe lickin' - the Classical version

Honest! I went off to YouTube to try to find some vids of kittehs licking butter. When I was growing up, the tongue marks on the butter were just kinda like "how it was". No luck. At least nothing graphic. But, AHEM, I found evidence that kittehs lick toes. Parental Guidance suggested. Cat licking feet Very misleading title. Once again, this YouTube just begged for music. So, here's what to do: Click to play the first YouTube (graphic kitteh), and then click to play the second YouTube (classical soundtrack). Yes, you CAN play two YouTubes at the same time. On the other hand, you can just click on the kitteh YouTube alone w/o my suggested musical soundtrack. And, listen closely- it does sorta seem like a scene from a French movie. Your choice. Call this one a kitteh and Segovia mashup. Or, w/o my added film score, a scene from a French movie.

Kitteh eats shoebox- Satisfaction?

Another installment of "What Kittehs Eat". Uh, well I guess some like to eat shoe boxes. Shoebox-Destroying Cat . And, despite the title, watch carefully and you will see that Kitteh actually chows down on some of the shoe box cardboard. So, you have two choices here. You can watch the YouTube in its pristine form. Or, if you want to hear it to the tune of Rolling Stones sound track, you can click on the Kitteh video, and then start the audio in box above. Yes, you CAN play two YouTubes at once. Your choice. And, if you want to see the Rolling Stones without the kitteh, click here: The Rolling Stones "Satisfaction" (rare) . Uh, like, one of the commenters said "OMG I can't believe these guys are still alive". Well, so much for you, fan girl. Ha!

Teh Kitteh Laser Toy

Yes indeedy, there are some VERY EXPENSIVE kitteh toys out there. But, I went shopping for something at a lower price point. Aha! Laser pointers! Another kitteh subculture at YouTube! I chose Kittens Catch Laser Pointer (below) for your viewing pleasure. BUT, it did seem to call for a musical accompaniment. It's even more fun that way. So, here's what to do: Click to play the first YouTube (it's audio only), and wait until ~1:00, when the music really gets rolling, then click to play the second YouTube, the actual kitteh video. Yes, you CAN play two YouTubes at the same time. Call this one a kitteh and Vivaldi mashup.

Water lovin kittehs/ Water of Love

Maine coons have a reputation for loving water- mostly they love to drink from the tap. Don't think that this is restricted to Maine coons, though. Another YouTube subculture to check out! This, so far, is my fave, because I loved teh Maine coon, AND the jazz audio. Waterlove So, liking the jazz as much as the kitteh, I went off to YouTube to see if I could figure out what the instrumental was. No dice using "waterlove" or "water love". Nada for jazz. (If anyone recognizes it, please leave a note. I'd love to know.) BUT! I found two YouTubes that are now on my fav list. Water of love- CHORUS TV 1978 (Dire Straits) Mark Knopfler - Water Of Love Bern 1996 (Dire Straits) Teh toobz do go everywhere!

Kitteh scratch pads and Life in Wartime

So, I was looking on YouTube to see what kittehs did with their scratch pads. One video Black Cat rock and roll was not so great visually, but I got into it because of the music. But, couldn't pin it down, identify the band. Further use of teh google resulted, and I figured out the band and the cut. Offered without further comment. Talking Heads - Life During Wartime Talking Heads - Life During Wartime Lyrics

More Kittehs on the Treadmill

I've linked two good YouTubes in earlier posts, but here's my favorite of the "cats on treadmills" YouTube subculture: Two Cats On Treadmill Teh two kittehs sure have different "exercise styles", don't they!

Watermelon- Yummy!

So. The research continues as to what will kittehs eat. I recently discovered via YouTube that there are a number of watermelon licking kittehs out there. Another YouTube subculture, identified. I checked out a lot of these YouTubes, and I gotta say, they show the kittehs behaving very politely vis a vis the watermelons. No videos, so far, of kittehs dragging in semi-dead watermelons in the middle of the night, dropping them on the kitchen floor, and yeowling to get owner of said kitchen out of bed to admire kitteh prowess. I will continue looking. These are among my favorites, chosen because of the up-close and personal look at kitteh tongue action. So tidy. So delicate. watermelon cat 3antar the watermelon loving cat And, as ever, it's hard not to free associate. In this case, jazz. Watermelon Man. This is one of my favorite YouTubes. It's from a Paris concert, a few months before Miles died. Every time I watch it, I just see and feel and hear the joy and the fun t

All this for a can of tuna? - Public Service Announcement

I got off on a tear at YouTube, looking at what kittehs eat, and how they eat. I gotta lot to come in posts that will follow, but I got momentarily distracted making a connection between canned tuna and "My Cousin Vinny" (see below). So, here's the Public Service Announcement, from this link: . Q: I ran out of cat food. Can I feed my kitty a can of tuna fish? A: It’s OK to do this in a pinch, but don’t make a habit of it. The kind of canned tuna we eat contains an enzyme that destroys vitamin B1 in cats, according to the American Animal Hospital Association. If your feline regularly dines on tuna, he may get a B1 deficiency, which can result in loss of equilibrium, seizures and even death. That said, a can or so a month won’t harm him. I tracked down the link to the American Animal Hospital Association , but you have to be a member to read, so I can't give you the goods as to what the original source said. Kittehs do like tuna though. Call of the Tuna Fish Just b

Expensive kitteh toys- good or bad? You decide.

Herein, I'll give you some evidence (pro and con) to help you judge the merits of a very expensive kitteh toy. Some kittehs love this toy, and some kittehs find it deeply disturbing. Perhaps the best advice I can give is to monitor your kittehs carefully, and as a responsible kitteh parent, MAKE SURE that what they see is AGE APPROPRIATE. Failure to do this might cause lasting psychological damage, one way or the other. On the "pro" side: Cat Toy´s :D On the "con" side: Meowing at YouTube. . Well, that's the title anyway. But, to me, this cat is doing a bit more than meowing. This is one very very unhappy cat, to say the least.

Who knew they were so concerned with their figures?

h/t to TRex for the title. TRex is a wordsmith nonpareil. Ages ago, I sent TRex the YouTube link for November Gets on the Treadmill. I actually found it for a Neuroscience course I was teaching, but knowing what a kitteh lover he is, I had to send it to him. I reminded him of this in comments at his last (for now) post at I Am Trex, during a blog party to send him off in style, to write his book. He's Gone Fishing' TRex said in response: I love that clip. It got me obsessed with cats and treadmills. There’s a whole subculture of YouTube clips out there of cats trying to exercise off that belly paunch. Who knew they were so concerned with their figures? TRex said he loved this one the best, among the YouTube subculture of cats on treadmills: 2 funny cats / kittens running on the treadmill

November Gets on the Treadmill

November Gets on the Treadmill is one of the first best kitteh videos I found at YouTube, maybe 2 years ago. It's still a classic! The sound track is from The Karate Kid . And, here's another great YouTube, from the movie. Joe Esposito - You're the Best Around Oh, and, BTW, the "Karate Kid" is Ralph Macchio. He's also Billy Gambini, one of the "two yutes" defended by his cousin Vincent LaGuardia Gambini, in My Cousin Vinny . The Toobz just go every where, don't they?

Post #2 (or 3) but after this, not gonna keep track

So, ever since "Baby Girl" got landed in Busted's lap, or rat hole, or whatever term he prefers, he and I have exchanged many emails. Right from the get go, I was pretty sure that he had a Maine coon on his hands, or whatever. Me being a kitteh expert and all /snark. But, I hope I am not giving too much away by saying that this is the YouTube I sent Busted that finally convinced him that Baby Girl was, indeed, a Maine coon. Same look, albeit different color. And, even if, dear readers, you really aren't interested in the details above, this is just a totally hilarious kitteh video. "Jumpin Jack Flash", a Maine coon, is the orange one. Maine Coons and Tabby Playing With Turbo Scratcher And, I like the music. Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash (Live 1968) . And, John Lennon at the very start. Look!

Okay, let me try to do a YouTube link to that below

Huge h/t to Busted, for leading me through the process!

I did this for Busted, and all my kitteh friends

Ok, I kept sending Busted aka Ornery Bastard all of these great kitteh YouTubes I had found. And, I really gotta say, I'm not sure he even opened most of the links, having his own kitteh stuff to deal with. Like, one way or another, he got given a Maine Coon. So, being a YouTube addict (not such a bad thing) I decided to start posting the best of the kitteh YTs here. Really, Busted, did you ever watch this? Maine Coon Brushes Teeth in French Oh, still trying to figure out how to link to a YT in the actual post.