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Cat versus inkjet printer - Brit voice-over

This video will make you laugh, I can pretty well guarantee it. And when you watch it you will have to come to the conclusion that all domestic cats are British because the guy who does the voice-over has a sort of working class and slightly cockney British accent and as I said he does it brilliantly. There is a world of cats who are fighting with inkjet printers. They are all over the planet slapping printers and chewing the paper that is ejected out of them. I think somebody made printers so that they could be toys for cats. I don't think you could have designed a better toy for a domestic cat than an inkjet printer because they never fail to fascinate. And cats always end up bashing the machine and chewing the paper. If they don't do that they're looking at it in fascination and when the paper starts to roll out they can't contain their excitement. I reckon they think an inkjet printer is some sort of prey item. Note I use the word "item". Not an "anim

Hyperactive rescued kittens play continuously around a tolerant mum

I think we are in Turkey in this video and you are looking at a litter of hyperactive kittens who were rescued with their mother who had a leg injury. They were being fostered by a lady but she decided she couldn't manage it because of an injury to herself and therefore they have ended up in this home. It is the home of the father of the person who made the video. That's pretty well all I know except that they were looking for adopters as at August 2019. I expect that the kittens have been adopted by now. They were going to make sure that the kids were fully weaned before they were adopted out. The mother looks very tolerant but as one commenter said it looks like she's thinking "Lord give me strength!".   Kittens are incredibly active and is all about play and learning one's limits in play. You can see that they incorporate aspects of hunting behaviour within their play, and defensive behaviour. In one little episode a kitten goes sideways on and adopts th

Otter who cannot sleep without holding a kitten

This is a very well known and high hitting video which illustrates the kind of fascinating and charming bond that can be created between different species. It is all about socialisation. This otter must have been raised with this cat house when they were both young and so they become the best of friends and they need each other's company to feel complete and contented. They are glued together, each being the SO to the other and it is wonderful to see. There are some awesome interspecies relationships on pictures of which you can get to by clicking on this link .

So many cute kittens video compilation

The current number one kitten video on YouTube. Gotta put it on the site as it is about kitten videos!