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Katja M. Guenther explores feminist politics, exploitation of animals and animal shelters in US

Katja M. Guenther's book, " The Lives and Deaths of Shelter Animals ," offers an intimate look into a high-intake animal shelter in the United States.  Over three years of ethnographic research (see definition of this term below), she encountered thousands of animals and noted a stark contrast in their stories and survival odds.  Guenther suggests that the fate of these animals is closely tied to societal views on race, class, gender, ability, and species.  See citation for this image below. She deciphers the language and actions of the shelter's staff and volunteers, shedding light on internal power structures, breed bias, and moments of defiance and autonomy.  This book prompts us to reconsider the way we view our animal companions. Guenther's research highlights the impact of social justice on animal shelters, revealing the processes that lead to higher rates of animal euthanasia in public shelters.  Her work shows that human-created inequalities affect the des

New warning issued to all UK cat owners that could ruin summer holidays

Veterinary clinics in the UK are experiencing a vaccine shortage. This poses a challenge for cat owners, as British cat boarding businesses require vaccinations before accepting cats. Consequently, owners are unable to go on holiday if they intend to use a boarding cattery. While this issue does not affect those who employ cat sitters, the majority of cat owners in the UK likely opt for boarding catteries due to their affordability. The newspapers are reporting that veterinary practices in the UK with vaccine shortages are prioritising elderly and vulnerable cats for injections. The image is representational as the vet is administering the vaccine incorrectly! A boarding cattery owner mentioned that the only exception to the standard vaccinations for cat flu, feline enteritis, and feline leukaemia is if they cannot be given for health reasons. In such cases, cattery administrators will require a titre test from a veterinarian as an alternative proof of immunity. Veterinarians from a so