Millions of cat owning Americans fear what we see in this video

A domestic cat fights off a coyote on the veranda of his home. The video is hard to watch and those who've watched it agree. The commenters have presumed that the cat escaped. We know that it is a male cat as ginger tabbies are almost always males. We can see that he puts up a great fight. The coyote grabs the cat as he tries hard to escape by climbing the railings. The coyote grabs his back in his jaws which is hard to watch.

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The video is unpleasant which may upset advertisers so I have decided to place it on a page where there are no adverts. Please click here to see the 8 second video if you wish. It is not that bad and the cat is not killed in the video.

Coyote catches cat but the cat fights back and I believe that he escapes
Coyote catches cat but the cat fights back and I believe that he escapes. Screenshot.

That bite must have injured the cat with puncture wounds but he then fights back using his sharp claws to box the coyote around the muzzle. That must have injured the coyote. 

It may have caused the coyote to pause briefly. We don't know how it ends which is probably a good thing. But perhaps the video was deliberately cut short as the ending is too unpleasant. I don't know.
Comment on TikTok: Can you imagine if that poor baby had been de-clawed those claws saved her/his life thank goodness? - Good point.
The impressive part of the video is the way the cat bravely fights back with great defensive aggression. We all hope that he escaped.

Millions of cat owning Americans fear what we see in this video

This video explains why millions of Americans keep their cat companions inside all the time. The resilient coyote, an adaptable survivor in the human world, is the probably the great predator threat to the indoor/outdoor domestic cat.

There are other predators like the owl for instance or the eagle and the puma but the coyote, so ubiquitous in the United States is the most common and committed I'd say.

They don't fear humans and wander into human suburbia from the adjoining countryside and go on marauding raids for domestic cats let outside.

They'll attack small dogs too. Both are at risk but the cat far more so as they are often allowed out unsupervised especially at night as we see in the video.

It is the reason why American cat owners are far more likely to keep their cats indoors full-time and understandable so.

In the UK there are no predators of cats like the coyote. There are foxes but they tend to leave cats alone as they are pretty well equal in terms of fighting skills. Kittens and old cats are at risk from foxes however.


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