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Maine coons- how big is your Maine coon? update

How to measure the size of a Maine coon? How should I measure my polydactyl Maine coon Tootsie? Is it weight or length? How to measure these "Gentle giants" of the cat world? As far as can tell, one measure is from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail- that would be length. Still, this seems to leave room for error, because it does not specify the posture of the cat. It's the measure from nose to body that has me wondering. Depending on what a Maine coon is up to, seems like this can vary. Plus, how do you get a Maine coon to sit still to be measured? I used a photo of Tootsie in action to approximate her length. I measured the bricks as reference. It's pretty clear that her body is roughly 12" long, and her tail is certainly (from other measures also) 12" long. >continued below. But, the body to nose part- well see the two different measures, in different colors. Either somewhere around 6", or 9". So, 32" to 35", nos