Video of the theft of an indoor/outdoor cat on stairs of condominium

In the United States, the first thing that the cat owning public fear is their cat being attacked by a predator outside the home and that predator is often the resilient coyote. The second thing they mught fear is shown in the video below. It is the theft of their cat for nefarious purposes.

It is not a great video as half of it appears to be about selling security cameras but the theft of the cat sitting on what appears to be the stairs of a condominium in New York City is the kind of thing that cat owners anywhere fear. 

The owner may believe that their cat has become lost or has been killed and cannot be found. They would often have no idea that their cat has been deliberately stolen. The security camera tells them what happened if they are lucky but it is almost worse because of the fate that will them befall the cat in the hands of criminals.

I am sure that some thieves see indoor/outdoor domestic cats as livestock to be 'harvested'. They are on the streets of suburbia to be picked off at will. 

In the UK, for example, thefts of cats has risen by forty percent in the past two years according to a survey. Less than twenty percent are recovered by the police. In the UK up to 360,000 cats are stolen per year with the Bengal being top of the list. - MikeB - click to see article on cat theft in the UK.

The particularly horrible aspect of the video is that the cat is almost certainly a moggie. Who wants to steal a moggie? 

Possibly a criminal selling cats to other criminals such as those participating in dog fighting who want cats to get the dogs fired up to fight or to train them to be aggressive. That kind of stuff. Although dog fighting is banned in the USA it still happens. The World Animal Foundation say that 40,000 Americans participate in dog fighting each year.

Or the cat might be sold to an animal testing lab. In the past, stolen cats were sold to class B dealers in the USA. This is banned in the USA. Whatever the outcome it is going to be very bad for the cat.

If the cat is a purebred, it might be sold online for adoption. Purebreds can fetch between $1,000-$2,000. But the likelihood of a cat owner allowing their purebred cat outside unsupervised is remote.


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