Maine coons do like to survey their domain from high places!

Yes, from my brief time co-habiting with a Maine coon, I can attest to the fact that these kittehs like to survey their domain from high places. And, this Maine coon is just so "Maine coon"! OMG! Check out those lynx-tipped ears! Awesome! They don't determine the personality of the cat, but they are part of the classic Maine coon "look".

Direct link is here (1:18)

Human says: Le Maine coon aime se tenir à l'aise avec ses deux pattes avant qui sont très grandes : très souvent il s'installe en hauteur et les laisse tomber devant lui, on dit qu'il "pendouille" !

Okay, I don't think I needed to translate this comment into English to understand the gist. But, I've looked at a lot of "non-English" YouTubes in pursuit of my interest in "international cats", and have been trying to figure out how to read comments via online translations. It's pretty frustrating at times.

Translation via this site: The Maine coon likes to hold itself comfortable with its two paws before that are very big: very often it installs himself in height and the drop in front of him, one says that it "dangles down"!

Translation via google AND babelfish: Maine coon likes to keep at home with her two front legs that are great: very often it settles for height and drop him, it is said that "pendouille"!

My try: My Maine coon likes high places, and very often sits with his two large front legs hanging down. (Ready to pounce, no doubt!) Oh, and, paging Punaise, paging Punaise, please come to the translation desk!

More about Maine coon cats here at Pictures of Cats . Then follow the links.

And, this is a great YouTube that features pictures of Maine coons, here. Thanks, Michael!

Click "Maine coons on YouTube" label for more great YouTubes of Maine coons.


  1. my try, without syntax corrections - you already got the gist:

    The Maine coon likes to relax (hold himself comfortably) with his two large front legs: very often he'll set himself up in (find) a high place and let his forelegs fall before him, we say he's "dangling".


  2. Thanks Punaise!

    Some of you may "know" Punaise. Got to know him via a blog.

    He is a cat lover and the Punaise household has had a lot of kitteh experience.


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