Inspiration- rowing and rugby- no kittehs visible

Okay, the subtitle of the blog says "and occasionally some other stuff, maybe". I've gone off into music, but never sports before, because I am a sports fan in only a limited fashion. Nonetheless, and just because I love both of these YouTubes...

A student of mine is a rower. He was wondering about missing an exam because of a rowing event. That got me into YouTube rowing land.

"Inches"- Direct link is here (4:06)

I found this one a while back. I lived in the UK for 10 years, with a Welshman rugby fanatic. And, the tale of this "try" lives on in the history of Rugby Union. I actually found it to send to two women, one being Marcy Wheeler aka Emptywheel (a first class blogger with a steel trap mind) who played Rugby at Amherst College.

"The greatest try of all time." Direct link is here (1:29)

p.s. And, but... feline characteristics are sometimes invoked to describe rugby players, as follows:
"When his markers knew his intentions they could not master the execution of his desire . . . his waiting, resigned immobility, was that of a domestic cat whose quick pounce reveals the unforgettable instincts of the wild."

Sorry, I haven't found the same for rowers YET, but I think it's just a search term problem.


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