Toothbrushes are electric!

Well, let the kitteh do it! Kittehs around the world seem to love electric tooth brushes!

Japan: Human says- Nishiki, this hilarious Japanese cat, brushes its teeth with an electric toothbrush after eating Moyashi(bean sprout), its favorite food.
Direct link is here (1:41)

On this side of the world: Direct link is here (2:24)

I'm not sure the Cornell Veterinary School would go with the electric tooth brush plan, but if you go to this link you can watch an instructional video about brushing your cat's teeth, from the Cornell experts. Cornell Vet School is one of the top vet schools in the country. And, periodontal disease is a serious and often silent cat health problem- read here , and here .

And, there's another great video from a Vet in Atlanta about pet dental care- very informative. The page is here


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