Cat cafes in Japan- pay to play

I am just figuring out that cats are totally popular in Japan! They have cat cafes- one pic of cat cafes below:

This quote from gives an insight into the "cat cafes". Quote: ~~Clever as ever, the Japanese have combined an animal shelter with a teahouse to create the Tokyo phenomenon known as “cat cafes.” To understand why the Japanese would pay to play with someone else’s cats, you have to consider their culture. Tokyo is one of the most overworked cities in the world, with its denizens facing long commutes and hours of unpaid overtime. Residents lack the time and space to devote to pets of their own, but need the stress-relieving benefits of a feline companion.~~

Here's a running report from Japan on cat cafes (7:33)

~~"Tokyo's cat cafes offer serenity in the city-- Where they pay to see a cat – Tokyo has seven cat cafes where patrons pay $8 to $12 an hour for the privilege of sipping tea among the felines.~~ Quote is from a fascinating article in the CSM, here. When you click the CSM link, you can find an audio report (look for this) and click on it to listen:

Another article about cat cafes, here.


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