I can has cheezburger-- Adventure!!!

So, I've long been a fan of I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER. I love that place.

In a wild moment I decided to submit one of my Tootsie pictures (from my post yesterday), and caption it.

I just checked back, and OMG! others have submitted a caption for my Tootsie pic!

Above is here.

Above is here.

Above is here.

I have to say, that was the greatest accolade I might have hoped for!!! Someone else captioned my picture! Shhhh... keep it on the lowdown... I don't want to have Tootsie thinking she's special... **laughing**

Now, I'm not entirely sure where you will get with this link, but it's all I got, for now.. As I said, this is an adventure!

p.s. I made sure I got a copy of Tootsie's registration form when I adopted her. Her "official" name is "Cameowcoons Thumb's Up".


  1. Love the pic and the captions VG - keep it up. Like you Blog

  2. Thank you Freddie- much appreciated!

  3. OOOOH... Tootsie can has cheezburger? That's exciting! I'm a huge fan too. I hope the fame doesn't go to her head, but she looks like a sensible kitteh. Well, except for that feather and string thing...

  4. I found your website through Ways of the Cat, and followed with interest your "Maine Coon" section, as I have three of my own...

    I am especially intrigued to know that Tootsie has Cameowcoons lineage, because my Maine Coon girls do, as well (see here: http://electric-monk.net/cats/KittyWebpage-Pages/Image310.html). Cameowcoons is the cattery through which my breeder started her line, in fact.

    What confuses me is how your gal ended up in California and in a shelter... although if she's a polydactal, she isn't showable, which probably has something to do with that. (Not that I think it's right; just that a breeder with an unshowable cat might be less... scrupulous about who they sold them).

  5. Hi Lise!

    I hope you check back to read my response.

    Even tho I reference California a lot (that's where I was born and raised, and the home of my heart) I am actually now in one of those Southern states (that was my best "day job" choice).

    I don't know how Tootsie ended up down here in the first place, because the info I have doesn't give those details. irrc Cameowcoons is in NH.

    However, Tootise apparently had a local owner, who surrendered her to a shelter bec. the owner became ill, and could no longer care for her. That much I know from the online description.

    I was able from the "registration certificate" I asked for to find the Cameowcoons website, and find pictures of her sire and dam. But the website is a bit odd, and last time I tried to check it out, it hung up my computer repeatedly.

    I certainly wasn't expecting to adopt a "show cat"- I got hooked on the "Maine coon thing" and that finally got me past "kitty grief" to again be owned by a cat. ;)

    I will check out your web page- thanks for that info!

  6. Lise!

    I checked out your pictures.

    I see a certain family resemblance! Tootsie is a silver patched tabby. She doesn't have quite the "ruff" or the huge furry tail that your girls do. Still...

    Is there somewhere I can email you to compare notes? I can delete that comment/ info after I've read, if you wish.


  7. p.s. sire is Smoke Signal, dam is Thumbelina, irrc.

  8. *grins* Smoke Signal was my Lira and Brianna's grand-sire, in fact :)

    (I'm based out of MA and my breeder is based out of NH, where Cameowcoons is based).

    I'm at lisefrac AT gmail DOT com, if you want to converse further.


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