Norwegian forest cat helps with homework

A charming YouTube- just purrrfect!

Direct link is here, where you can also watch in high quality (2:42)

Human says: La Peque ayuda a Lucía con los deberes. Alhelí la Peyre, nuestra Peque ceniza, una gatita que siempre participa de todas las tareas cotidianas.

One online translation version: La Peque Lucia helps the duties. The wallflower Peyre Our Little ash, a kitten who always participates in all daily tasks.

Oh.... online translation is SO frustration! The kitty helps Lucia with homework, and participates in all the daily chores. (My guess.)

The kitty is a Norwegian forest cat, a natural or traditional cat breed that has a centuries-old history in Norway as domestic pets. It is generally agreed that they were part of the founder lineage of the Maine coon, another natural cat breed. Michael at "Pictures of Cats" has a great page discussing the history of the Norwegian forest cat.

HUGE p.s. I've just discovered that the person who posted this YouTube has a cattery in Spain, which specializes in Norwegian forest cats! Check out the site, Baelo Claudia - it has great pictures!

And, another HUGE p.s. Somehow Baelo Claudia sounded familiar. Turns out I've posted YouTubes from the same place before! Go look, for a moment of total kitty joy! Link is International kittehs- gatitos Bosques de Noruega

Click on the label below to see more videos of Norwegian forest cats.


  1. Hi Valley Girl, I love the cats, and specially the norwegian forest, they have something special. :-)
    I like your blog, thanks you very much for your post of my little Cinderella.

    Kisses and purrs!!!

  2. Hello Maria-

    Welcome. So glad you found the post.

    And, those dancing kitties in the YouTube which I had posted before were totally delightful.

    Keep making those great YouTubes, please! It's actually hard to find good ones of Norwegian forest cats.

    Norwegian forest cats are not very well known in the US- but as you can imagine, their cousins, Maine coons are.

    I've never met a Norwegian forest cat, but they look like gorgeous cats with wonderful personalities. From the descriptions I've they seem to be very similar in personality to the Maine coon- including "helping with daily chores"

    Best wishes- I so much enjoyed your cattery site- great pictures.


  3. Hi VG, I watched the video in bed. It made me feel warm and fuzzy, far better than the TV. Keep up the good work Valley Girl!


  4. Hi Freddie!

    Isn't that the most delightful YouTube? And, such perfect music.

    I've never been a TV watcher, except when it is forced upon me.

    When I was in grad school, my housemates bought a NEW color TV. (Not that I knew what was there before.) They waited and waited to see how long it would be before I noticed the NEW TV. I didn't. They finally had to point out this new "household feature"!

    On the other hand, I can watch YouTubes for hours! Go figure.


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