I haz confessun- I now haz non-virtual kitteh

Ahem, until very recently, I had contented myself with the joys of watching my "virtual" kittehs at YouTube. Had many kittehs before, but I was still suffering "kitteh grief". At the same time, there was this little niggle in the back of my mind: move on, move on. So, for quite a while, it's been brewing.

I got out my camera today, and managed to take a kitteh pic before the camera battery stopped working. Kitteh is very camera shy, but not so bad on her debut. I removed the camera battery so that I could recharge it, but left the camera with kitteh, so that she could befriend it. When I snuck out, she was rubbing her face against the edges of the camera. She's got a plan...

Here's my first photo of Tootsie, the polydactyl Maine coon:
Maine coon polydactyl cat Tootsie, my rescue cat, shortly after I adopted her

I found her online, via a local cat rescue charity. Uh, this was the photo they posted:
Maine coon polydactyl cat Tootsie, my rescue cat, before I adopted her

And, the description was not exactly encouraging either- shy, needs patient person, etc. But, she is a purebred Maine coon, and I've long been fascinated by tales of the Maine coon. She was put into rescue because her owner became ill, and could no longer care for her.

The mind wheels were working, and I just had to go check her out. That was an adventure, even before I met Tootsie. Driving down the highway... car didn't seem quite right somehow... so, I was not speeding, contrary to my usual practice. Ka thunk ka thunk slam bang- tread on left front tire had separated and flown off to never never land. Thank god I have AAA. So, I got to my kitteh meeting about 4 hours late. And, as described, kitteh was totally shy, hardly would let me get a look at her-- but I got to hold her (while she struggled) for about 2:13 minutes, and I just knew she would be fine. More about her delightful caternality in some later post.

But, for now, I'd like to add something that made me so sad. A few days after I adopted Toostie, I got an email from snowmominator telling me that King Louie, the fabulous Maine coon, had passed- and only 8 years old- due to asthma and cardiomyopathy. I wept.

I've featured Louie on the blog before, and this news just broke me up. I consider Louie to be Tootsie's godfather, because it was this YouTube that finally convinced me to take the plunge, and adopt Tootsie.
Direct link is here (1:42)

And here is King Louie loving his boy: Direct link is here (1:13)

It is totally impossible for me to watch the above YouTube without bursting into tears, again. But, I have no doubt that anyone who's ever lost a kitteh friend will, well, just KNOW.


  1. Tootsie is BEAUTIFUL!!! She looks like she could be Louie's sister! My son read how you were inspired by Louie to rescue Tootsie, and now he says (with a big smile) "Think of all the Maine Coons Louie has rescued". I guess he thinks everyone who watched the videos has gone out to rescue a Maine Coon. The tribute is wonderful! Thank you. We are still crying, but we smile at the memories of his special love too.

    Snowmominator and family

  2. Hi Snowmominator and family,

    Thanks- I'm glad you dropped by.

    I looked again at a lot of YouTubes of Louie before I put up the post, and I too thought that he and Tootsie had a striking resemblance.

    I almost mentioned that to you earlier- amusing that you saw that too!

    All the best from me.

  3. I'm late with my congratulations, but they're no less heartfelt. She's a real beauty, and I'm sure that given time she will become the affectionate, outgoing kitteh she already looks like from the picture you took of her. Hoover isn't very interested in toys, and he says that Tootsie can have his big catnip mouse. Congratulations again — lots of pictures, please!

  4. Congratulations on your lovely new kitty! I have to explain that there is something wrong with her...

    She is mourning.

    After six years her heart is broken at losing her best friend.

    But hearts mend.

    I am sure you will be very good for each other. My best wishes!

  5. Hi Marion and WereBear-

    thanks for dropping by.

    Tootsie has come around amazingly. It took her about a day. She is absolutely hilarious. When I get into bed she runs back and forth purring loudly, flops down next to me, comes to lick me on the face (eyebrows are her specialty)...

    She had been in the shelter for 3 months and they had never heard her purr or seen her groom herself- I specifically asked, in light of the online description. Not encouraging.

    But when I met her she came around in tiny ways in response to my attention. I'm good a making friends with cats ;) So, I knew she would be okay.

  6. One door closes, and another opens. Condolences to the family of King Louie...

    And Toot, Toot, Tootsie, hello!


  7. darkblack- you are a sweetie! Have I mentioned this before? ;)

  8. We got our Beautiful Maine Coon Ozzie because like you we had become facinated by the breed after stumbling on a Maine Coon Cat show. At the time we had adopted a very talkative long haired Ginger and White huge stray who we named Basil. We spoke to the breeders who said that Basil could have some Maine Cood breeding. Basil got knocked down and killed by a car a year later and we were heart broken so we left it a couple of years then along came Ozzie. I feel that at certain times of our lives there is a cat waiting for us in the wings who we are destined to adore and who will become a huge and wonderful part of our lives. When we find each other we are the lucky ones. I loved seeing your beautiful girl and King Loui oh my! What can I say? he was amazing and although it was in 2009 my heart still goes out to his family for his loss.


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