Cat adoption videos (and pictures)

I have, one way or the other, found some nice cat videos from cat rescue sites, which are "PR" to help get the cat adopted. I applaud the work of volunteers who make these informative videos- they add so much.

Here's one I found recently: Kitty loves box. Direct link is here (1:09)

Here's one I featured previously: Kitty playing with legos. Adorable! Direct link is here (1:31)

I particularly liked the fact that YouTube #2 gave a link to the web page of the shelter. Back when, I checked it out and decided to add the shelter to the blog roll as a result- there are actually few videos, but the site is great. Similarly, I did the same with another shelter that I found via a YouTube. YouTube #1 above did not give such information, which was a bit frustrating.

Not all shelters have the volunteer-power to make such videos, but when they do it surely must help find the cats (and dogs and...rabbits) a new home. Kudos to those volunteers.

Online information can be very helpful in finding shelter animals new homes. I found my "Tootsie" online. As I noted in a previous post, the online picture of Tootsie was not terribly inviting. [Shown here (before), with my first picture (after).] Perhaps this was a realistic depiction of her state at the time, or perhaps the result of lack of time and expertise. I'd guess "both".

So, a thought- for those of you who love cats and other animals, and want to help, and enjoy taking videos or pictures, consider contacting a local shelter to see if you can help in this way. It's a volunteer activity that would never have occurred to me before I'd been through the adoption process myself.


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